The New York Times VR Film ‘The Displaced’ Wins the Lions Entertainment Grand Prix


The New York Times VR Film ‘The Displaced’ Wins the Lions Entertainment Grand Prix

By Tim Nudd

NYT VR project from The New York Times won its second Grand Prix of this Cannes Lions festival here tonight, with the individual virtual reality film “The Displaced,” shot by Vrse.Works, earning the top prize in the revamped Lions Entertainment contest, to go along with the Grand Prix in Mobile that the NYT VR app itself won earlier this week.

In addition, two Grand Prix were handed out in the separate Lions Entertainment for Music category. One went to production company Prettybird for Beyoncé’s “Formation” music video, and the other went to agency Jung von Matt in Hamburg, Germany, for the musical track on its famous “Home for Christmas” Edeka supermarket ad, in which a grandfather fakes his death to trick his family into visiting him at the holidays.

Lions Entertainment jury president Jae Goodman, chief creative officer and co-head of CAA Marketing, said the jury was up almost until sunrise Friday morning finalizing the distribution of Lions. They also had the burden of determining the criteria for awarding work in this revamped category, which used to be known as Branded Content & Entertainment.

From the beginning, he said, the judges followed these criteria: The work had to be high quality, have a powerful relationship to the brand, attract an audience and not be interruptive, and be entertainment in its form and not just entertaining in its effect.

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