Samantha Storr

EP / Vice President

Samantha Storr is an Executive Producer at Here Be Dragons. In her 2+ years at Here Be Dragons, Samantha helped build the infrastructure necessary to carry this exciting technology out of its infancy. 

Leading a team of highly creative minds, Samantha has been at the forefront of all of Here Be Dragons’ pioneering projects, most notably Evolution of Verse, Clouds Over Sidra, Walking New York, The Millions March, Catatonic, Waves of Grace, U2’s Song For Someone & The Displaced. With many new projects in pre-production and in the pipeline, Samantha and her team are beyond excited about the future of VR storytelling. 

Prior to joining Here Be Dragons, Samantha spent 15+ years bringing creative visions to life across nearly every media platform. As a Producer, she has worked alongside Robert Redford, Terry Gilliam, Spike Jonze, Beastie Boys, and countless others, lending her unique perspective and expertise to all forms of narrative. Her 12+ year collaborations with Chris Milk resulted in the world’s first virtual reality film experience: Beck’s Hello Again, sponsored by Lincoln. 

At present, Samantha is busy paving the road for the future of VR.