8 Best Documentaries that Tackle Sports, Fitness, and Health

8 documentaries that tackle sports

Great and inspiring documentaries can change lives and compel people to think differently. They inspire us toward a more positive change in our lives as they show compelling narratives that draw out the best and worst in us. This is particularly applicable to motivational documentaries that tackle health, nutrition, fitness, and sports.

Whether it is related to beauty, fashion, or relationships, we are reminded that we must take care of ourselves. Otherwise, we won’t be able to take care of others and not fulfil our duties to our utmost physical and mental capacities.

When we watch people who have this indubitable determination to conquer their fears and reach their goals, it inspires us to move and decide on the best course in our family, work, or lifestyle. Upon seeing all their dark moments, we’re reminded of our own shadows, and how we can change for the better. Most importantly, these documentaries remind us that we’re not alone in the world and that struggle is a natural course of human existence.

These shows give us the boost we need to make it to our goals in life, so then, if you’re wondering what these are, here are the best motivational documentaries about sports, health, and nutrition.

1. Last Chance U

This thrilling and fascinating series follows a team from the East Mississippi Community College football program as they do everything to prove that they can make it to the big leagues. This Netflix documentary highlights the classic hero’s journey as the team goes through failure, personal growth, and redemption.

Because you’ll be rooting for the team throughout the course of the series, you’ll find that this is one of the best football documentaries of all time as you’ll see how they overcome their last shot at the dream of playing for the NFL.

2. Icarus

This documentary is among the best sports series on Netflix as Director Bryan Fogel transports us into the realm of professional cycling. Fogel exposes the role doping plays in today’s sports games. Icarus ventures into how athletes go to extreme measures to win and emerge victorious.

Icarus is a symbol that the mindset of “whatever it takes to win” can cause the downfall of even the greatest people in the world, and that applies to any sport, including cycling.

3. Schumacher

This documentary goes deep into the life of the champion Formula 1 driver Michael Schumacher as it shows a unique side to international racing. The Schumacher documentary highlights rare interviews and never-before-seen archival footage, which paints a critical and sensitive portrait of the World Champion. This is among the best racing documentaries ever seen.

4. Free Solo

Considered to be one of the top documentaries of all time, Free Solo is an exclusive look into the death-defying extreme sport of free soloing, which is essentially mountain climbing without any harness or safety nets to back your fall. This means that if you fall, that is it for you.

Free Solo is a National Geographic documentary that was directed by Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi. It follows a rock climber named Alex Honnold. It captures his attempts to free climb El Capitan found in Yosemite National Park.

Free Solo tries to capture and question the mindset that goes on with people who do such a risky sport, including their impact on the people around them.

5. Cheer

People may view cheerleading as a lesser sport, but that feeling may change after watching the Cheer documentary available on Netflix. The documentary follows athletes from Navarro College who are preparing for their National Cheerleader Championships in Dayton.

The creator of the documentary, Greg Whiteley, was able to evoke a certain level of vulnerability from these cheerleaders, and their personal struggles make this a compelling watch.

6. The Final Quarter

Australian documentary filmmaker Ian Darling released The Final Quarter in 2019. This documentary dives into the life of Adam Goodes from the AFL, considered to be one of the best players who graced the game. Goodes’ career in the twilight stages shows an unspeakable and uncomfortable truth about Australian sport, which is marred by excessive media scrutiny and blatant racism.

7. All or Nothing: Manchester City

Sports fans normally don’t know any better when it comes to the inner workings of the English Premier League (EPL) clubs, considering that the media has trained and spun a normalized degree of positivity in interviews.

This series is unfiltered and raw and shows the all-or-nothing method that coach Pep Guardiola uses to get the best of his soccer players. All or Nothing is considered to be among the best short sports documentaries and can be streamed on Amazon Prime.

8. The Last Dance

This documentary follows the Chicago Bulls in the 90s and their quest to hold their legacy forward against criticism. While the story revolves around the Bulls as a team, the documentary is undeniably about Michael Jordan. There are several behind-the-scenes footages that highlight Jordan’s intense nature, including his personal vendettas that compelled him to be the best he can be.


From cheerleading to free soloing, this list has the best sports documentaries there ever was. It is without a doubt that sports documentaries move us to become better people, and with the insurmountable discipline that people in real life portray, it is certain that anything is possible, especially with the right mindset.

Sports documentaries are here to stay and lets us take a peak into the lives of people that have touched the world with their courage and valour.

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