The Three Best Wrestling Royale Games and How to Win the Matches

Apex Legends

The battle royale genre is a relatively new format of survival in online games, which began with the release of PUBG and gained great popularity, which prompted the world’s studios to release their versions for active games, e-sports and simply a new format of team interactions and confrontations.

The best projects can be called PUBG, Apex Legends and Fortnite.

PUBG focuses on basic and realistic gameplay, in which 100 unarmed players fight on large maps and search for fiery means of combat. The basis of the game engine is taken from ARMA 2 – a full-fledged military simulator, but weakened next to it, so as not to overload the gamer with hyperrealism and not create elementary war simulation in all games.

Apex Legends is built on the overall dynamics and speed of battles, which are combined through the use of various weapons and unique heroes, each of which has its own unique skills that can be combined in team interactions, or used for Apex boost in ranked matches that will determine Your overall league and the strength of the opponents you will encounter.

Fortnite relies on cartoonish and dynamic graphics, which are combined with a unique system of instant construction of shelters and defensive structures that can be used creatively during battle.

Fortnite is famous for its collaborations, events and graphics.

Your main task is to win matches, that is, to remain the last survivor on the game map, or to get as close to this status as possible.

Ways to win matches more often for all three projects

Land correctly

Many players make a big mistake and choose places to land that will significantly complicate further gameplay.

If you land far from everyone, then you most likely will not find good initial equipment and then lose a lot of time in order to get to the epicenter of the battle, risking death at the hands of enemies, being in a disadvantageous position.

If you land in large cities and popular spots – such places are usually determined by the presence of a large number of buildings for collecting resources, then you will find yourself in a series of spontaneous battles, where everyone will kill everyone indiscriminately and without rules, and the chance of dying from a bullet in the back is quite high.

This option is only suitable for training AIM, or when you want a bright fight, in which in a few minutes it will be clear whether you will continue your Apex Legends boosting, or go looking for a new match.

The most optimal format for landing is through two or three buildings closer to the center of the map. Even if the zone begins to narrow in an unfavorable direction, you will have more room for maneuver than if you were on the outskirts.

Look for anything that shoots and do it quickly

In all three games you will start your match with your bare hands and from the first minutes and even seconds of the game you need to get yourself a weapon and ammunition for it as quickly as possible.

The type of weapon is not important, the main thing is to be able to protect your life.

It is best if it is an assault rifle, but a pistol and a shotgun are also suitable, the main thing is to change them in the future, because a pistol is weak in terms of damage, and a shotgun in terms of distance, while an assault rifle solves all combat problems, at almost any distance, except perhaps the farthest ones, giving way to a sniper rifle.

Look for weapon boosters, medicines and grenades

Many players do not play thoughtfully and do not pay enough attention to the resources that will save their lives, or restore their health and armor after a difficult battle. Such an adventurous game significantly reduces the likelihood of taking top 1 and securing a stable boost in Apex Legends, Fortnite, or PUBG.

You need first aid kits, which are scattered throughout the games and allow you to restore your health after battle if you are injured. In Apex there are heroes like Octane, who generates health for himself, or Lifeline, who generates them for herself and her team, but this is rather an exception.

The rest of the players need to look for all the means of survival and not spare space for them in the backpack, without fanaticism, of course, but also without neglect.

The same applies to armor elements. In PUBG, these are stimulants and broglant. In Apex, these are armor elements, just like in Fortnite.

Grenades are a great tool for attack and defense, but many players neglect them.

Need to recharge? Throw away the grenade and while the enemy reacts to it, you will have time for this.

Are enemies shooting back from behind cover? Knock them out with a grenade and cover them with targeted fire.

Are enemies advancing on your positions? Throw back grenades, or put up a smoke screen and leave the sector, hiding behind the lack of visibility.

Don’t rush for the Airdrop, but set up an ambush

Your main task is to outlive your enemies and be the last one standing. It doesn’t matter whether you kill everyone yourself or just wait it out, the result is important, but the more enemies you destroy with your own hands, the more experience and rewards you get, whether in Apex boosting, even in PUBG, even in Fortnite.

An airdrop is a drop of guaranteed valuable equipment at a random point on the game map, about which all players will be notified by the system and the most avid adventurers will go there, especially those who were nearby.

If you just rush there, the chance of catching a bullet will be huge and then the match will end for you.

It would be better to take an advantageous position and simply attack everyone who tries to approach the known container.

Sooner or later, those wishing to pick up enhanced equipment will run out, and you can either continue your path to the center of the map, or you yourself will take all the equipment for yourself and continue your path of survival with obviously higher chances of winning.

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