Blockchain and Online Casinos: Looking for Transparency and Fairness

blockchain technology in online gambling

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies generated a lot of media attention with the last bull cycle of Bitcoin. Even though blockchain technologies have been around for over a decade, it was in the bull cycle, starting in 2020, that many businesses and institutional investors gained notice.

Bitcoin amassed a gigantic value of over $60,000 in 2021, which wasn’t conceivable even a year earlier. But, thanks to Bitcoin’s bull cycle and the great support by both the public and the business sector. Online casinos quickly followed the example of many famous brands, like PayPal, Venmo, and Overstock, and decided to accept crypto payments.

Some even went a step further and developed blockchain-based casinos. What are the main benefits of blockchain technology in online casinos? What can we expect from casino sites in the future, based on recent tech inventions? We cover these questions and more below.

What is Blockchain Technology?

The blockchain network functions as a distributed, peer-to-peer database, meaning it is entirely decentralized and not under any institution’s control or sole ownership. It’s also worth noting that what makes the blockchain system immutable is that this is based on distributed ledger technology, which means each block of transactions, is linked via cryptography in a so-called ‘chain’ or ledger of blocks.

The data within the network is unalterable, and once a block of transactions is added to the blockchain, it remains there forever. What’s more, the main aspect of the blockchain system is that it is fully transparent, which is essential because each user on the network can see everything from the incoming blocks, new data, or the processes in the network and can hold other users accountable or eliminate errors.

Essential Aspect of Blockchain

An essential component of the blockchain system is crypto mining. More specifically, it is called proof of work, and the miners compete on the network to solve the computational puzzle and gain a block reward along with the transaction fees.

Other cryptocurrencies and blockchain systems modify this consensus mechanism, which serves as the foundation for the blockchain network. It acts as a security mechanism that validates the transactions.

Online Casinos and Crypto

Casino sites operate in a highly dynamic and competitive sector, so looking for new innovative technologies could give them the competitive edge necessary to beat their competitors in the market.

So, it is no surprise that online casinos accept cryptocurrencies. You can wager anything from slots to table casino games with your crypto funds on reliable casinos like Super Slots online casino. But, some have revamped the business model and include blockchain-based solutions.

Many casino players think that Bitcoin casinos and blockchain casinos are the same. But that’s not the case. Crypto casinos accept crypto payments as well as fiat currencies. However, they operate as any other regular online casino. It’s safe to say that the iGaming and gaming sector never shies away from new technological innovations which can potentially improve the casino experience for casino players.

Blockchain Casino Sites

Blockchain casino sites utilize blockchain technology to create a transparent and secure gambling environment. Every record and every outcome of every game is public. Decentralized applications form the basis of casino games, ensuring no one can influence the outcomes.

Since there is complete transparency, there is a trustworthy relationship between the casino players and the blockchain casino.

Moreover, since the blockchain network relies on smart contracts, casino players can easily verify whether the outcome was randomly generated. Namely, online casinos offer everything from table games to card games, slots, and even live dealer games. As we said, the data added to the blockchain remains visible to everyone. Casino players can’t trick the system and repeatedly claim the same bonuses and promotions.

Crypto Payments

Cryptocurrencies are an indispensable aspect of the blockchain network, and blockchain casinos also accept crypto payments. Crypto payments offer multiple benefits for both parties because they rely on blockchain technology. You can expect faster withdrawals since the processing time of cryptocurrencies is usually instant.

But, what makes the blockchain system and cryptocurrencies appealing to its users and the business sector is that it keeps the identity of the users anonymous. Everything else regarding the transactions is recorded in the design and stays there forever, except for the data of the online users.

Moreover, the transaction fees are minimal, especially if we compare them to fiat currencies and regular payment methods that financial institutions typically approve. Lastly, the security of the blockchain network and cryptocurrencies is enviable. So, you can rest assured that your details remain safe and secure.


In conclusion, the online casino sector continues to grow and expand. Blockchain technology represents one of the latest innovations in the sector, providing many advantages for both casino players and online casinos. But we’re yet to see how the casino sector will evolve in the future since blockchain-based solutions are not widely available.

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