How To Wash And Care For Silk Sleepwear  

care for silk sleepwear

There’s nothing more luxurious than slipping into some silk sleepwear after a long day. The feel of the material gliding over your skin is incomparable, and it offers a whole range of incredible benefits for you, too!

As beautiful as silk is, there is a knack for washing and caring for silk sleepwear. If you don’t know anything about either of these processes, you have come to the right place!

Let’s jump right in and tell you everything you need to know about washing and caring for silk sleepwear.

How Often Should You Wash Silk Sleepwear?

If you’ve splurged on the best pajamas out there, you’re probably curious about how often you’ll need to wash them. Fortunately, we’re here to give you the answers you’re after.

To answer your question: the frequency of your silk sleepwear washes depends on the sleep environment you are in and your sleep habits

For example, if you shower directly before putting your silk sleepwear on or do not wear a lot of clothing when you take a shower, you can reduce the number of washes that you do.

If you’re experiencing more humid nights or use many skin care products before heading into dreamland, you may need to incorporate more frequent silk sleepwear washes into your routine.

How To Wash Silk Sleepwear

Before we get any further, we must emphasize that the best way to wash silk sleepwear is to handwash the items. This is because it preserves the quality of the garment. Although it requires a bit more effort, it will ensure the longevity of the garment.

1. Fill A Basin With Lukewarm Water

The ideal temperature for washing silk is around 30 degrees Celsius, or 86 Fahrenheit. This will maintain the shape and quality of the garment. Hot water can turn the fabric brittle and it might also discolor it.

However, you can machine wash them if you choose the temperature carefully. Make sure to avoid mixing the silk with any other clothes.

2. Add Detergent

Whether you are machine washing or hand washing your clothes, make sure that the detergent you use is developed with a mild formula. Not only is this far gentler on your silk sleepwear but it’s kinder to the skin, too.

3. Leave the Garment to Soak

Soak your silk sleepwear garment and make sure that it is fully submerged in the water (if you are handwashing). Leave it for around three to five minutes. Then, agitate the water and move it through the fabric to remove excess residue or dirt. This replicates the actions of a washing machine but is a lot gentler on the material. 

4. Rinse the Silk

Remove the silk sleepwear from the water and rinse it until it runs clear. You’ll be able to tell this when the soap suds from the detergent have disappeared.

Use a towel to soak up the excess water after the handwash is complete. Again, do not rub or wring the item otherwise it will reduce the quality of the garment.

5. Leave it to Dry

Silk sleepwear garments should never see the inside of a tumble dryer! As a result, the best course of action is to hang the garment and let it dry naturally.

Silk is a natural and extremely delicate fabric that can become irreparably damaged when placed inside a tumble dryer. 

For the best drying results, you should place your sleepwear garments onto a line in the shade. This is because direct sun exposure can cause irreversible damage to the color and feel of the fabric. 

Caring for Silk Sleepwear

There are a couple of additional rules you must follow when it comes to caring for silk sleepwear. We’ve included these below.


Always iron silk sleepwear on the lowest possible setting, with a temperature that never exceeds 110 degrees Celsius. If you go higher than this, you risk causing damage to the garment.

We’d also recommend ironing on the reverse side of your sleepwear so that no iron marks show up on the glossier side. Take the ironing process slowly to ensure no marks are left.


You should store any type of silk garment in a dark, cool, and dry place. This is because silk is very sensitive to light and will quickly become brittle and discolored, as mentioned above.


Hopefully, you now understand that caring for your silk sleepwear isn’t all that difficult! As long as you’re careful and follow the instructions above, you’ll have no issues washing or caring for your silk sleepwear garments.

Vanessa is a wife and mother to three rambunctious teenagers. When she’s not out lunching with the ladies or volunteering on community projects, Vanessa spends her time reading great books or attempting to write one over copious amounts of coffee. She finds writing therapeutic and is forever encouraging her kids and their friends to wield the pen rather than their mobiles.

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