5 Ways to Choose the Right Wine Decanter for You

Choose the Right Wine Decanter

A decanter is an excellent buy if you often drink red wine or champagne at a more affordable price. Decanters for wine are not only stylish but also practical. Exposing your wine to air via decanting before consuming may enhance the taste by taming harsh tannins and bringing out more of the wine’s fruity and flowery smells.

Tips on Buying a Decanter for Your Wine Collection

Choosing a decanter from the many options is all about personal taste. Some are more complicated than they need to be, taking the form of a contortionist, whereas some are simpler. Size is just as important as form when selecting a decanter. Here are some tips for picking the best wine decanter for your chosen wine.

1. Choose the Right Size for Your Wine Decanter

Did you know that you can buy various types of wine decanters? Here are the sizes of wine decanters shown below as examples.

Large Wine Carafes

Full-bodied red wines with a high tannin content benefit from airing out. Use a wide-bottomed decanter to give the wine possible contact with air.

Standard Wine Decanters

Medium-sized wine decanters have a thinner base and may hold more wine. It also works well with average-bodied wines.

Small Decanters for Wine 

The small wine decanters resemble carafes and are ideal for serving a single bottle. White and rosé wines do not need to be served in a wine decanter. However, some people do so for presentational reasons.

2. Decanter for Champagne

At first glance, it may seem unnecessary, but champagnes are the best wine of them all. Like other wines, young champagnes benefit from being decanted to bring out their aromas and remove the oxidative character that you may find in certain bottles. The key distinction here is that the bubbles that give champagne its allure must be preserved at all costs. 

It would be best if you decanted champagne with the utmost care. An extended decanter with a cork to release air while preserving carbonation is ideal. Use the proper glasses so the decanter’s effects aren’t amplified. 

3. Look for Decanters for Your Young Wine

Wines made specifically for early drinking are on the rise. Aerating them before tasting is recommended so their full flavors and fragrances may emerge. The decanter chosen for this purpose will be of “classic” form, meaning it will be broad at the base and have a flared neck. 

Also of great relevance for natural wines is the aeration process. The gas that is naturally present in and distinctive of these wines is released when they are decanted. How long you have to wait depends on the wine you choose. Don’t let the wine sit in the carafe for too long since there’s no turning back once it’s opened.

4. Aged Wines Decanters

Here, the goal is different; it’s not about aerating the wine; doing so may ruin an older bottle. The wine must be decanted, which entails gently pouring it into a carafe. Leave it to rest to ensure any sediment that may have built up in the bottle sinks to the bottom.

This time, a “duck” decanter is required due to its thinner top. Obviously, safety must be a top priority. Too much air into the wine might be disastrous, so you must work quickly to secure the cork or cover the decanter.

5. Decanters for White Wine

Aerating a white wine is equally as beneficial as a red wine, as has been discovered. New and rather full-bodied white wines benefit from being decanted. 

Decanting is the best way to destroy lingering flavors or odors, especially sulfur. If the carafe is thin enough to fit in an ice bucket, you’ll have a winner. Some decanters, like those used only for white wine, may be found while shopping for this varietal. They have been designed to contain ice cubes.

Find Out More About Wine Decanters

While you may enjoy wine without a decanter, doing so can enhance the flavor, especially of red wines, and your drinking experience. The best part is that you do not need to be an expert wine taster to use a decanter. Once you’ve mastered a few tricks, you’ll have no trouble decanting and sipping wine like an expert in no time. 





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