wooden kitchen tools and decors

7 Amazing Wooden Kitchen Tools and Decors You Can Make by Yourself

Carving wood for producing cooking utensils was the way to make cooking tools before all the fancy metals came along. Alongside, wooden decors are slowly gaining more and more popularity,…

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can i use pasta sauce for pizza

Cooking Handbook: Can I Use Pasta Sauce for Pizza?

Picture this. You’ve finally decided to try your hand at making the perfect pizza at home. You’ve kneaded the dough, left it to proof, and have already picked out all…

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slow cooker temperature

Slow Cooker Temperature Settings Guide

Since the 1940s, slow cookers have become important components in many kitchens around the world. Also referred to as a crock pot, a slow cooker is a kitchen appliance that…

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what is medium heat on a stove

Cooking Basics: What Is Medium Heat on a Stove?

Have you ever looked up your favorite recipe and weren’t sure what heat setting you should use? Maybe there were times when you looked at stove knobs and wondered: what…

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