5 Tips On How To De-Influence Your Life To Feel Happier 

De Influence Your Life To Feel Happier 

When every screen and every page and every person is trying to “influence” you into something or other, finding mindfulness and happiness feels impossible – right? Let’s unlock the secrets to de-influencing your life, getting rid of informational and physical garbage that fills your space, and feeling happier on our own terms.

The Influencer Haze

Influencer culture is very hooking, because it feels like these figureheads are sharing their genuine lives and endorsing stuff. But it’s not all roses – in truth,  influencers are pushing products for money, not because they actually like them.

So it is high time we deinfluence ourselves.

5 Steps Of De-Influencing Yourself

Before you even begin the steps, you must understand that influencers are people, just like you, and their feed is not their life because the latter isn’t perfect. Chasing the influencers’ recommended products won’t make our lives look like theirs – only a producer can. So, focus on curating an image in your head instead.

1. Unplug and Reconnect

Set aside dedicated time each day to unplug from the online chaos and reconnect with the tangible world around you.

Use this time to engage in activities that make you genuinely happy, whether it’s reading a physical book, taking a nature walk, or simply enjoying a cup of coffee without scrolling through your social feed. By de-cluttering your digital space, you’ll find more room for what truly brings you joy.

2. Curate Your Social Media Experience

Unfollow accounts that make you feel inadequate or stressed. Instead, follow creators who inspire, uplift, and share genuine stories. Use features like mute and restrict to filter out unnecessary noise. Remember, it’s not about the quantity of followers but the quality of the content that adds value to your life.

3. Embrace JOMO (Joy of Missing Out)

Move over FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), and make room for JOMO! In a hyper-connected world, it’s okay to miss out on some things. Embrace the joy that comes with quality downtime. Choose moments of relaxation over the constant need to be in the loop.

4. Cultivate Real-World Connections

Make an effort to cultivate genuine connections with those around you. Host a tech-free game night, organize a picnic, or simply share a meal with friends and family.

When you put your devices aside and focus on face-to-face conversations, you’ll realize the depth and authenticity that comes with real connections.

5. Be Mindful About Your Tech

Tech gadgets are undeniably cool, but do they all add value to your life?

Invest in tech that enhances your life and brings you joy. Whether it’s a fitness tracker that motivates you to stay active, a clit vibrator that revitalizes and makes you feel happy and sexy, a laser facemask that makes your skin glow, or noise-canceling headphones that create a serene escape, mindful tech consumption ensures that every device in your life sparks joy and contributes positively to your overall well-being.

Be Your Own Influencer

Finding happiness is an inside job in the whirlwind of influencers and ever-evolving tech trends. Implementing these six tips will de-influence your life, creating space for authentic joy and genuine connections.

So, tech enthusiasts and happiness seekers, let’s embark on this journey of rediscovery and tech-savvy bliss. Here’s to a happier, more fulfilling life where you’re the influencer of your own story!

Amie has a love for numbers and holds a master’s degree in finance. When she’s not playing with numbers or words or pottering in the garden, you can find her in the kitchen roasting her own coffee beans.

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