Dirty Pick a Number Game: 14 Questions to Ask

dirty pick a number game

Nowadays all popular social media platforms are awash with different types of ‘pick a number’ games. These games are super fun and a simple way to interact with your peers on social media and at parties. One of these pastimes is the dirty ‘pick a number’ game.

If you are new to this game and don’t know what to ask, here are a few examples of the questions to ask.

What Is a Dirty ‘Pick a Number’ Game?


As noted above, a ‘pick a number’ game is a simple pastime that people engage in as a way of getting acquainted with each other online or at parties. Many people refer to it as the ice breaker. But unlike other pick-a-number games, where the players aren’t allowed to ask questions that are too personal or uncomfortable, a dirty ‘pick a number’ game involves asking dirty and personal questions.

In short, this is like a truth or dare game where players ask each other dirty questions. It’s a typical party game and it’s not limited to any specific age group. Anyone can play it at any point in their life. This game starts with you asking your friend this question: Truth or dare?

If they choose truth, they should respond to every question that you ask them no matter how personal, uncomfortable, or dirty it is. They are supposed to respond to your questions truthfully and factually. The ‘pick a number’ game works the same way as the truth or dare game, but it involves guessing numbers between 0 and 100.

A dirty ‘pick a number’ game is a fun way to introduce yourself to new people at a party or on social media and spice up your relationship with your spouse and friends. Just ask the other person to ‘pick a number’ and use it to list them. Then, ask them to complete the dare. It’s also considered the adult version of the original ‘pick a number’ game.

But despite the adult nature of the questions asked in this game, it’s a fun way for teens to pass time. But this doesn’t mean that your questions and answers should be full of vulgar or disrespectful to any gender or race. The trick is to make the questions more personal and uncomfortable for the answerer.

Why Do People Play the Dirty ‘Pick a Number’ Game?


Just like any other fun game, a dirty ‘pick a number’ game is a form of entertainment and a way to strike conversations with other people, especially at parties and other social gatherings.

So, if you are planning a party and you don’t know what kind of fun activities your guests will engage in as a form of entertainment, you can include the dirty ‘pick a number’ game in your to-do list.

Some people play this game for educational purposes. But since it’s a dirty game, it should be played for fun. It’s also good for couples. You can spice up your relationship with your spouse by making this game part of your pastime.

It’s also a great way to get to know your new girlfriend or boyfriend better, especially on your first date. If you are hanging out or attending a party with your friends, this game will be a perfect way to know each other better. You’ll laugh, cheer, and ridicule each other by forcing them to reveal shocking things about themselves. It’s a great way to have a memorable time with your peers.

Although some people prefer to keep the game clean, others throw curveballs and set new guidelines altogether to create enough room for dirty questions and answers. Just be creative when coming up with the questions to make the game a little dirtier.

14 Questions to Ask in a Dirty ‘Pick a Number’ Game


Have you ever faced any of the following situations?

1. Bunk school or college classes
2. Consumed restricted drugs
3. Tried to harm yourself
4. Took alcohol
5. Fallen in love
6. Broken relationships
7. Kissed anyone
8. Hugged someone
9. Slapped someone in public
10. Cried lonely at night in bed
11. Fell in love with anyone through social media
12. Have you lost someone very close to you
13. Felt lonely
14. Laughed hard until tears rolled out from your eyes

Which of the following do you enjoy the most?

1. Porn films
2. X-rated music
3. Adult books

Which of the following habits do you find hard to drop?

1. Dating multiple guys/girls
2. Masturbating
3. Stalking girls/guys on social media
4. Sleeping naked
5. Sexting
6. Smoking pot
7. Drinking alcohol


What is your opinion?

1. Equal rights for a lesbian or gay
2. Opportunities so that one can try repeatedly
3. Abort a child
4. Do you have any concepts about the following?
5. Dreaming in the day
6. Having a partner
7. Self-faith
8. Body tattoo
9. A pricking wish
10. Smoking
11. Ghosts

What’s the creepiest thing your boyfriend/girlfriend asked you to do?

1. Send nudes
2. Bit their tongue
3. Wear fetish attire
4. Have sex in public
5. Wear a dog leash

What’s one thing you can’t live without?

1. Sex
2. Alcohol
3. Marijuana

How many guys/girls have you had sex with?

1. One
2. Two
3. Three
4. Four
5. Five
6. Six
7. Seven
8. Eight
9. Nine
10. Ten
11. More than ten


Which of these places have you had sex in?

1. Car
2. Lecture hall
3. Church
4. Swimming pool
5. Kitchen
6. On the roof
7. Wrecked building
8. Woods
9. Beach

Who do you hate the most?

1. Dad
2. Mum
3. Brother
4. Sister
5. Grandma
6. Grandpa
7. Roommate

What’s the most amount of times you’ve orgasmed in a day?

1. Two
2. Three
3. Four
4. Five
5. More than five


How do you feel about shower sex?

1. Love it
2. Hate it
3. Super neutral

Which one do you prefer your boyfriend/girlfriend to use on you?

1. Fingers
2. Tongue

What’s the kinkiest thought you’ve ever done?

1. Have sex with your friend’s girlfriend/boyfriend
2. Have sex next to an open window with the lights on
3. Threesome

Which is your favorite kind of sex?

1. Soft
2. Slow
3. Sweet
4. Aggressive
5. Fast
6. Feisty

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