Does Vape Liquid Contain Calories?

does vape liquid contain calories

A common query amongst vapers is ‘does my vape intake contribute to my calorie count?’. In recent years, health consciousness has surged, leading many to keep a close eye on their weight. This is largely attributable to the increased awareness about maintaining overall wellbeing.

Considering many e-liquids, particularly high-VG or shortfill juices, possess a sweet taste, it’s plausible that calorie content could be brought into question. Here, EDGE Vaping takes a look at calories contained within e-liquids, including how many they contain and what their impact is.

Do e-liquids contain calories?

In short, vapes do have calories, but the quantity is practically negligible. Research conducted on the comparative effects of vaping and smoking on weight regulation indicates that nicotine is the primary player behind any potential changes.

Our bodies are programmed to seek food when hungry and reward the action of eating with a burst of dopamine – it’s a survival mechanism. Nicotine acts as an appetite suppressant by altering our brain’s reward system.

Absorption of nicotine can cause a similar dopamine surge, disrupting normal bodily functions. When hunger pangs strike, smoking or vaping can trigger this dopamine release, fooling our bodies into believing we’ve eaten, thus suppressing the appetite. Consequently, long-term smoking or vaping could potentially lead to weight loss.

That’s why those who quit smoking or vaping find that their appetite grows for a while, as the dopamine that reduces the feeling of hunger is out of their system, meaning they’ll want to eat more. Many people who try to quit smoking find themselves gaining between five and 10 pounds.

How many calories does an average vape contain?

The focus regarding e-liquid calorie content typically centres around fear of weight gain rather than weight loss. Despite their sweetness, the majority of vape juices pose no significant risk to your diet plan.

Vegetable glycerol (VG) and propylene glycol (PG), the two primary ingredients in any e-liquid, are believed to contain approximately four calories per ml. Furthermore, flavourings and sweeteners added to vapes are typically devoid of calories, although this can vary if the producer opts to use sugar rather than sweetener, resulting in a higher caloric count.

Do the calories in vapes matter?

From the evidence available, the calories present in vapes seem to be insignificant. Considering an average bottle of e-liquid contains roughly 30-50 calories at the most, these are likely to be expended through normal daily activity rather than leading to weight gain.

However, if you have any health or diet-related worries, it is advisable to consult your doctor or a health professional who can provide the best guidance for your individual dietary needs.

If you’ve never smoked or vaped before, it’s important to emphasise that you should not begin using nicotine in any form as a means of controlling weight. Nicotine is highly addictive, and vaping should only be considered as a harm reduction strategy for those seeking to quit tobacco use.

By Oliver Norman, Content Marketing Manager at EDGE Vaping

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