Duck Names: What Do You Call Your Feathered Friend?

duck names

Baby ducks are simply adorable and make for great pets. They love to swim, have a playful nature, and can be hilarious at times — not very different from a dog. Whether you’re a duck breeder or farmhouse owner, you know not all of those ducks are going to be up for sale. Here are some catchy duck names to give the lucky ducklings that got to stay behind for the long haul.

Cute Duck Names

Cute Duck Names

Baby ducks will require a fitting duck name that captures their cuteness.

#1. Lucky
#2. Apricot
#3. Bambi
#4. Snoopy
#5. Cupid
#6. Marshmallow
#7. Pickles
#8. Petal
#9. Kisses
#10. Nibbles

Funny Duck Names

Funny Duck Names

Ducks are comedy machines, from the way they walk to the way they talk to the way they eat and respond. It probably won’t take a lot of brain-racking to come up with a funny name to go with your duck’s quirks.

#1. Waddles
#2. Duck Norris
#3. Fire Quacker
#4. Quack Sparrow
#5. Wolfgang Duck
#6. Quackie Chan
#7. Eggbert
#8. Sir Quacks-a-Lot
#9. James Pond
#10. Wigglytuff

Famous Duck Names

Famous Duck Names

Trying to think of a movie character to name your duck off? There are plenty of famous ducks to choose from.

#1. Thelma
#2. Louise
#3. Ferdinand
#4. Scrooge McDuck
#5. Psyduck
#6. Golduck
#7. Howard the Duck
#8. Count Duckula
#9. Daffy
#10. Gooseberry Spring

By Gender

By Gender

If you’re going to be keeping a duck as long-term pets, they deserve a name fitting for someone that’s going to be your companion. Here are some regular names you can give them based on gender.

Female Duck Names

Here are some precious female duck names to give your new feathery friend.

#1. Daisy
#2. Maria
#3. Nina
#4. Emma
#5. Lacey
#6. Hazel
#7. Dixie
#8. Coco
#9. Pinta
#10. Kona

Male Duck Names

If you have an endearing male duck, you can choose from any of these male duck names.

#1. Charlie
#2. Donald
#3. Lilo
#4. John
#5. Luke
#6. Bruno
#7. Jake
#8. Frankie
#9. George
#10. Manny

By Color

By Color

Everyone has their own reason for admiring ducks. Some might admire them for their fuzzy yellow hair as babes and the beautiful tones and contrasts their feathers take as they grow up. Here are a few duck names to give them based on color.

#1. Snowflake
#2. Sunshine
#3. Sunflower
#4. Cloud
#5. Frosty
#6. Snowflake
#7. Hershey
#8. Olive
#9. Oreo
#10. Mango

Tips for Naming Your Duck

Naming Your Duck

#1. Try to keep the names as short as you can, especially if there are many of them. It’ll help you remember and keep track of them all.

#2. Don’t put too much thought into it; the name will grow on both you and your animal over time from everyday use.

#3. If you’re stuck trying to decide, try calling out to the duck with a bunch of names. The first name to get a response from the animal is the winner.

#4. A duck may not be the brightest creature but it can hear you, so practice calling out to it by name as much as you can. It’ll help get the duck acquainted with its new name.

#5. If you’ve got a lot of ducks to name, ask someone to help you out with some of them.

A Few Parting Words

Ducks are incredibly social animals that can develop unique personalities and attachments if they are being raised by a human. You don’t have to be too ritualistic when it comes to picking duck names as long as they come from a place of love. After all, none of the names you pick will ever bother the duck.

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