most expensive nike shoes

10 Most Expensive Nike Shoes and Sneakers in the World

Nike is one of the largest manufacturers of sportswear and equipment in the world. It’s a brand name that has become synonymous with quality and attention to detail, especially when…

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Get Creative: 21 Ideas for Journals

Are you looking for some inspirational ideas for journals to get your creative juices flowing? Do you love collecting notebooks, but you’re completely baffled about what to write in them?…

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black hair and blue eyes

Black Hair and Blue Eyes: The Truth About This Rare Mix

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Yet, there are some features none of us can resist. When it comes to the mix of black hair…

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what does ft mean in text

What Does “FT” Mean in Text? All The Meanings Explained

If you’ve been confused about what does “FT” mean in text, it’s more than just an abbreviation for feet or foot. In chat messaging lingo, FT can stand for a…

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who invented soccer

Who Invented Soccer? The History of a Game Loved by So Many

Soccer is arguably the most popular sport in the world, with millions of fans across different countries. But have you ever wondered who invented soccer? Diving deep into the origins…

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funny things to say when you answer the phone

Ring-Ring! 25 Funny Things to Say When You Answer the Phone

The latest reports are in — phone calls are out of vogue. Since texting has become the norm, fewer and fewer people make phone calls nowadays. This is actually quite…

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40th birthday party ideas

37 Different 40th Birthday Party Ideas for an Unforgettable Day

Some see the 40s as a time for sobriety, seriousness, and entrepreneurship. But they can also be a time for fun and letting loose. So, when you reach that milestone,…

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big little reveal ideas

Sorority Tips: 23 Big Little Reveal Ideas to Try Out

Are you prepping for the Bid Week and getting ready to take on your very own Little? Then you need some awesome Big Little reveal ideas! Organizing activities for Bid…

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spanish adjectives to describe a person

Lingo Lesson: 88 Spanish Adjectives to Describe a Person

Whether you are planning to visit Spain soon or you just want to learn a bit of Spanish for your personal development, you should start by learning simple Spanish words…

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what is the spirit animal for sagittarius

Zodiac 101: What Is the Spirit Animal for Sagittarius?

Spirit animals are said to reflect your personality, inner traits, desires, and energy. Although each person should find their own spirit animal through meditation and similar spiritual practices, there is…

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