christmas team names

Christmas Team Names: 61 Creative Ideas to Inspire You

Although Christmas is still some time away, it is never too early to get into the holiday spirit. If you are hosting your very own Christmas party, you must plan…

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nicknames for tall people

39 Creative Nicknames for Tall People

Since tall people often stand out from the crowd, they tend to get teased and made fun of all the time. They’re also given all kinds of nicknames by their…

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ways to say yes

Don’t Be a Word Bore: 202 Alternative Ways to Say Yes   

English is one of the richest languages in the world. It offers many alternative words to make your conversations simple and interesting. For instance, there are many alternative English words…

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mexican dance styles

10 Mexican Dance Styles For All The Dance Enthusiasts Out There

Dance is often a form of self-expression, a medium to tell stories, and an art form depicting the culture and history of the place it came from. For Mexico, dance…

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dirty pick a number game

Dirty Pick a Number Game: 14 Questions to Ask

Nowadays all popular social media platforms are awash with different types of ‘pick a number’ games. These games are super fun and a simple way to interact with your peers…

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questions to ask your cousin

73 Interesting Questions to Ask Your Cousin

How do you spend your free time with your cousin? Would you like to make every minute you spend with them fun and exciting? If so, you can do cousin…

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no problem in french

10 Ways To Say No Problem In French To Be Friendly

When learning any new language, there are two basic but essential phrases that one needs to be familiar with — “thank you” and “you are welcome.” These are simple phrases…

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lyric pranks to do on your boyfriend

15 Hilarious Lyric Pranks to Do on Your Boyfriend

In case you’re looking for some lyric pranks to do on your boyfriend, check out this list of 15 awesome songs you can use! Don’t worry; this list of song…

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what height is considered short

What Height Is Considered Short? A Complete Guide

Generally speaking, women will prefer tall men as their partners. And while men generally don’t care, a significant portion of them also like girls of less than average heights. But…

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