5 Essential Supplements for Rookies

essential supplements for rookies

People are typically incredibly enthusiastic and impatient when they start training for the first time. Results are what they seek, and they seek them now. This mindset frequently prompts people to research the numerous different supplements that are available.

There is some confusion caused by the huge selection of items available and the abundance of “experts” or “spokespeople” claiming to have the greatest product. Sadly, most supplements aren’t worth the cost of the flashy bottle they come in. They simply don’t function. Others might be useful, but a novice won’t need them because they’ll advance quickly without what I’ll call advanced supplements.

Green Supplements

Simply put, a high-quality greens supplement can aid in reducing the harmful consequences of a diet deficient in fruits and vegetables. I didn’t suggest it could replace fruits and veggies; I just said it could lessen the harm. You can likely receive all the vitamins and minerals you need from food, say academics in the subject of nutrition. Although few people disagree with me, I do believe it to be true. Having a greens supplement on hand will help fill in the gaps for the rest of us.

In all honesty, I don’t see any drawbacks to consuming greens regularly in addition to a diet that is largely composed of fruits and vegetables. About this line of supplements, several items appear to be the best bets because they have been through numerous scientific research. This series of supplements can assist in balancing your blood pH, which might become more acidic if you’re ingesting a lot of protein, in addition to the added vitamins.

Essential Fish Oils 

A fantastic supplement! There isn’t a single individual in the world who should not be taking high-quality fish oil supplements, in my opinion. Fish oils were first presented to me because of their ability to reduce inflammation.

If you regularly consume ibuprofen like candy, you might be shocked at how much better you feel after taking fish oil regularly for a few weeks. I did some research and discovered that fish oils are beneficial for pretty about everything, from cardiovascular illness to several types of cancer. They can support fat loss as well.

However, it’s crucial to utilize a high-quality supplement because lower-quality ones may include significant amounts of mercury (more than 50% of all fish oil comes from EPA and DHA). I chose the fish oils in liquid form. Starting with 3g of mixed EPA and DHA is an excellent idea.

Pre/Post Workout 

There are advantages to both pre-and post-workout supplements for weight loss. While pre-workout is intended to promote energy and endurance during exercise, post-workout helps with muscle repair and muscle growth after exercise.

Before, during, and/or just after your workout, ingest a quick-digesting simple carbohydrate source to promote protein synthesis and glycogen resynthesis. This means that you will gain muscle, have more energy, and recover more quickly. Drinking a simple carbohydrate beverage is crucial for persons who exercise frequently and for those who want to gain muscle mass.

Protein for muscle strength

None of the supplements have gotten as much attention as including additional protein in your diet. Numerous studies have been done on the effects of short-term resistance training programs on gains in muscular growth and strength, with varying degrees of success. Some of the additional benefits of having protein in your diet:

  • The size and strength of muscles may improve even more with more protein.
  • Rapidly digesting protein sources should be consumed before, during, and/or after your workout to promote protein synthesis (also known as protein building) and speed up recovery.
  • A higher protein diet may undoubtedly help you lose some weight, provided your liver and kidneys are in good shape and you aren’t severely overconsuming low-quality fat sources. People who engage in rigorous exercise report feeling better while taking a protein supplement, despite what the evidence suggests

Since whey protein supplements break down swiftly, they “go to work” quickly after entering the bloodstream. Due to its slower rate of digestion, protein without lactose has a time-release effect. If you don’t have time to prepare a meal and need a quick supply of protein, a high protein diet how to, including protein powder without lactose, may be a better alternative throughout the day than whey around your workouts.

Creatine for muscle contraction

A supplement called creatine, which resembles an amino acid, gives you the instant energy you need for strong muscle contractions like those experienced while lifting weights.

Additionally, it enables your muscles to store more water, which makes them fuller and stronger and eventually promotes further growth. Since there is so much data on creatine, I spent an entire post reviewing the science and clearing up some common myths. The key takeaway is that supplementing with creatine improves muscle strength and size more than exercising alone.

Many different clinical and non-clinical populations have reported benefits. Regarding dosage, there is still disagreement about whether loading (25–30g per day for 5–6 days) is essential or whether 5g per day is adequate.

Creatine is one of the least expensive supplements you can buy, but I’m not sure what the solution is. I’ll sleep soundly knowing that I just peed out $1 worth of supplements that week if I’m consuming a little bit more than I need for a few days and eliminating the extra in my urine.


It’s all done now. Your training investment will be maximized if you take these five supplements. Never forget that hiring a coach who can create a top-notch program for you and demonstrate how to implement it is the best use of your money. Supplements can boost your energy and help you reach your full training potential, but creating a stimulus that is worthwhile to adapt to takes work. Keep working out hard.

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