Fun Things To Do While Waiting For Your Flight

fun things to do while waiting for your flight

You’re at the airport, your flight is delayed, and you’re stuck in the middle. What will you do to pass the time? If you’re bored out of your mind, then you’re doing it wrong. There are plenty of things to do at the airport—you just need to know where to look.

Just as you’re waiting, some other people are, but the good thing is, there are plenty of ways to entertain yourself while you wait for your flight. In this article, we’ll give you a few ideas of fun things to do while waiting for your flight.

Explore The Airport

Take some time to explore the airport and all it has to offer. Check out the duty-free shops, grab a bite to eat at the canteen, or people-watch. There are always interesting people to watch at the airport. It could be a sight of couples parting or the airport crew.


Reading is another fun thing to do while waiting for a flight. Reading will help improve your knowledge while you while away time. While waiting, you can start reading about history, flight, or the science of aviation. You can even read about different types of visas like a spouse visa.

And if you’re really lucky, you might find a book about the airport you’re currently in. So next time your flight gets delayed, don’t be too bummed out. Just grab a book and enjoy the extra time reading.

Take Pictures

Depending on your personality, taking pictures while waiting for your flight is a good remedy for boredom. If you’re the type who likes taking pictures and showing them off to your friends, then, keep your phone fully charged as you’d see fancy background enough to satisfy your ego.

You don’t have to be a photophile to take cool pictures. But, if you doubt your ability for nice shots, you can ask for help from someone who’s in the same situation as you. Do take some pictures as you may never know when you’ll need them.

Make Some Calls

Being at the airport can be boring if you’re not with friends or relatives. But you can still connect with them on phone. There are a few things you should keep in mind before you start making calls at the airport.

For one, ensure you have enough power on your phone. And make calls silently so you won’t disturb others. Lastly, ensure you don’t move close to the security units while making calls.

Make New Friends

Making friends is a great way to pass the time while waiting for your flight. And it doesn’t have to be difficult – there are plenty of ways to meet people and make new friends while you’re at the airport.

One easy way to make friends is to strike up a conversation with someone who is also waiting for a flight. Talk about where you’re going, what you’re looking forward to, or anything else that comes to mind. You can also exchange travel stories and tips. If you see someone reading a book or magazine you like, ask them about it.

Listen To Music Or Play Games

Your flight will come; you just have to take it easy. You can make full use of your time by listening to music. Once you have a noise-free and noise-canceling headphone, you can quickly tune to your favorite playlists and listen to your heart’s content.

If you’re fond of playing games, you can as well do that while waiting for your flight. You can try playing games like word games, puzzle games, card games, and even video games. These games are addictive enough to make you forget whatever you’ve been waiting for.

Learn More About Your Destination

There’s nothing worse than being stuck at the airport. But instead of spending your time idly and maybe regretting why you’re in such a mess, why not use that time to learn more about your destination?

If you’re immigrating to the UK, you can learn about the history, culture, and attractions of cities in this country before the arrival of your flight. And the best part is that there are tons of resources online that will help with this.

You Can Go Shopping

Whether it’s your first flight or not, it’s natural to be rushy and in the process, you may forget some essential stuff like your beauty products, toothpaste, to mention a few.

There’s a way out! You can check the duty store or shop at the airport. These stores have a lot of cheaper products. So, take your time and go shopping.

Vanessa is a wife and mother to three rambunctious teenagers. When she’s not out lunching with the ladies or volunteering on community projects, Vanessa spends her time reading great books or attempting to write one over copious amounts of coffee. She finds writing therapeutic and is forever encouraging her kids and their friends to wield the pen rather than their mobiles.

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