11 Hidden Toy Storage Ideas You Can Try Out Right Now

hidden toy storage ideas

Are you tired of your home looking like a low-budget theme park or Santa’s workshop after a busy day? If so, you need hidden toy storages in every room that are not so obvious or childlike. Such spaces are helpful in common areas, and you can even choose solutions that fit the aesthetic of your home. To help you organize the mess, here are 11 hidden toy storage ideas.

Read on to find out how to make the most of unused space and hidden nooks in your home. That’ll leave you more room to relax and play with your children.

Make Use of Big and Attractive Trunks


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You can use storage trunks in many ways, depending on their size. For example, bigger models can pass as rustic coffee tables while concealing a large number of toys inside. Those with rounded edges are also great if you have wobbly toddlers!

Or you can buy a few trunks in different sizes and place them on top of each other. Fill them up with your kid’s goodies and put them in a corner. They’ll add a certain charm to your room and help you conceal the mess!

Invest in Clever Coffee Tables


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There are many innovative coffee tables on the market with smooth apertures and cubby holes ideal for learning toys. For example, you can buy a model with a sliding top surface and storage underneath. It is perfect for keeping games or art supplies inside.

Someone at the door? Just slide the top of your new coffee table shut, and your living room will look tidy and toy-free.

Acquire Stylish Baskets


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Next on our list of hidden toy storage ideas is using baskets. There’s so much you can do with them! Also, baskets are usually a kid-friendly solution, thanks to the soft corners and their light weight.

You can find baskets in every shape and size, which means they will fit right into your home. For example, you can add a basket or two next to the couch or bed, in the corners, along the walls, and on the shelves. You can even place them under certain furniture like a coffee table, side table, bed, or shelf.

If you want to keep toys off the floor and out of sight, you can also hang stylish baskets on the walls. Of course, you’ll need to buy a few hooks, as well. But you’ll get so much storage space in return! When the playtime begins, you can easily take the baskets down.

For better concealment, buy baskets with lids. The best part? You can place them anywhere, and they will look great.

Buy Functional Furniture


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Acquiring furniture that looks amazing and doubles as storage space is a win-win for everybody in your home. So, opt for functional furniture instead of plastic storage carts and boxes. Think dressers, chests of drawers, and shelves with baskets. Those are great for hiding and concealing toys while making your living area look nice.

Purchase Specialized Activity Mats and Toy Organizers


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You can find activity mats that double as toy storage, for instance, the one from Lay-N-Go. Basically, when you spread the mat, it provides a large area your kids can play and put small toys on, like lego bricks. When they are done, simply leave the toys on the mat and pull on the drawstring. The mat will close into bag-like storage you can hang anywhere in your home.

You can also look up inconspicuous-looking toy organizers. They mostly look like ordinary shelves with boxes and bins and give you tons of space to hide the mess.

Use Trundle Storage


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Most people place trundle storage under beds and cribs. That is one of the best-hidden toy storage ideas for bedrooms and kids’ rooms. However, did you know that you can put trundle storage underneath a sofa, provided you have the right kind? Simply measure your sofa and see if it works.

Find a Nook You Don’t Use


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A smart way to approach hidden toy storage ideas is to have a place for everything in your home. That means a tricycle and toy motorbike shouldn’t lie around in your hallway but have their own designated spot. That’s where nooks come in handy.

Nooks under the stairs are perfect for bigger toys that don’t fit inside boxes. You can also put large trunks and baskets filled with toys there. Some people turn such alcoves and niches into hidden playrooms. Even if you don’t have stairs in your home, you probably have a few nooks you don’t use or could repurpose.

Install Hidden Cupboards


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Install built-in floor-to-ceiling cupboards and fill them with all the goodies your kids leave around. They are a good solution for every room and can hold so much stuff. If you have enough space, you can even build one for each child to place their stuff and nurture their sense of ownership.

Conceal Toys in Cute Designs


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Unique and adorable baskets are ideal for toy storage because they are useful and enjoyable. You can also try toy hammocks that look like lovely wall decor. There are so many cute hidden toy storage ideas you can try — just find one that fits your home decor.

Buy LEGO Design Collection Storage Boxes


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It is so annoying when you lose a vital LEGO block to complete your building masterpiece. But there’s nothing worse than the pain you feel when you step on that lost piece in the middle of the night. The solution to both of these problems is LEGO design collection storage boxes. These boxes are among our favorite hidden toy storage ideas because they can hold all your lego blocks and look cool at the same time. If you put them next to your desk, no one would guess there are toys inside.

The best part? You can buy one box or ten of them — they fit on top of each other.

Get Multi-Use Hangers from IKEA


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Multi-use hangers are an excellent solution for all the fluffy toys you have lying around. All you need to do is put a hanger inside your child’s closet and fit the toys through the circles. Then close the door, and voila — hidden toy storage!

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