5 Scrumptious Homemade Juice Recipes That Can Help You Feel Rejuvenated and at Ease

homemade juice recipes

Summer temperatures will soon arrive. And when they come, we all tend to sweat a lot on those scorching hot days and let out a lot of water from our bodies. Most of the time, we all need an iced beverage or a scoop of ice cream to feel relaxed and refreshed. But why not utilize fruit juices or other beverages this summer?

The greatest and healthiest way to nourish your body is homemade juice. Here we give a few quick and easy homemade juice recipes that happen to be ideal for hot days when we should cut down our intake of high-caloric food no matter how delicious it is and no matter if such portions of food are ordered from the full menu of meal types, cuisines, and cook times at Home Chef. Importantly, the homemade juice recipes we are about to mention in the article can be produced with just a few ingredients.

Beet Juice

Beets. Either you adore them or you despise them. Let us face it, many of you are bigoted haters of this plant. But you will be motivated to intake them after understanding what powerful vegetable beets are. In addition to providing a great pre-workout energy boost, beets are a great way to increase the amount of immune-boosting products in your diet.

Amazing homemade juice produced from beets can be made in just 10 minutes. In addition to beets, this recipe is made delicious and healthful by including strawberries, carrots, green apples, clementines, lemons, and ginger.

This juice requires a blender; combine all the ingredients, pulse it briefly, and serve it during the summer to give your body extra nourishment. This juice may be made at home without the use of sugar, and the whole family will appreciate it.

About recipe:

To produce this stunning fuchsia-crimson juice, no juicer is required. Fresh produce, a nut milk bag (made of cheesecloth or a kitchen towel), and a blender are all you need. There is no extra sugar in this blender beet juice! Beets and carrots have been added to the savory side. We always prefer sweet juice, so we went with strawberries, green apples, and clementine for the sweet side. We included a tiny piece of fresh ginger and some lemon juice for some more flavor and sharpness. When everything is combined, it is fantastic!

A nut milk bag, cheesecloth, or even a thin kitchen towel—less ideal but workable—will also be needed while creating this blender beet juice. Produce is simply chopped, added to a blender with a little water, and blended until smooth. The juice will next be strained to remove all of the pulp using your nut milk bag. The liquid should be squeezed out completely. You are done! Oh, yes, you will have stained hands from the beets but they will disappear in no time. Wearing gloves is one of the solutions to avoid beet stains though.


  • organic beets (2 pieces, not greens, washed beet bulbs only)
  • organic carrots (2 pieces, washed and chopped)
  • organic green apples (2 pieces, washed and diced)
  • clementines (2 pieces, peeled)
  • organic strawberries (7 small pieces, washed)
  • lemon (1 piece, juiced)
  • fresh ginger (1 small piece, peeled)
  • filtered water (2 cups)


  • Clean all produce. Pour water into the blender.
  • Beets, carrots, and apples should be chopped before being added to your blender. Strawberries with tops removed should be placed in the blender.
  • Add the ginger and peeled clementines to the blender.
  • Put the lemon juice from the squeezer into the blender.
  • For about a minute on high, blend until completely smooth and without any clumps.
  • A large bowl or measuring cup should be placed over the nut milk bag, cheesecloth, or thin kitchen towel. Slowly pour the contents into the bag.
  • Squeeze all of the pulp’s juice into a basin.


P.S. Keep any juice that is left over in the refrigerator for several days.

Apple Juice

A wonderful and healthy beverage for hot or even cold days is homemade apple juice. This apple juice recipe is simple to make at home when using fresh, juicy apples.

This sweet apple juice is an excellent source of vitamin C and antioxidants, which aid with weight loss, skin health, constipation relief, and immune system support. Follow the instructions below to make the apple juice, then drink it joyfully!

About recipe:

The healthy benefits of homemade apple juice much outweigh those of commercially available, overly sugary, fizzy apple juice. Homemade apple juice is loaded with vitamin C and antioxidants despite not being pasteurized. A single glass of juice made from apples each day can improve skin health, encourage weight loss, and relieve constipation.

A step-by-step tutorial for preparing apple juice yourself is provided here…


  • apples (8-10)
  • cinnamon (2 tsp, optional)


  • While the apple peel can be used to extract many nutrients, it should not be removed. Instead, wash the apples vigorously under a faucet.
  • Remove the seeds from each apple before slicing them into 12 to 15 portions.
  • The apples and a sufficient amount of water to cover roughly half of the apples should be placed in a big pot.
  • Bring the water to a moderate simmer as it warms up gradually. The apples should start to decompose as a result.
  • To hasten the process, occasionally mash the apples.
  • Pour the apple mash into a jar or another container after gradually straining it through a strainer. To get the most juice out of the mash, press it. The mash can be utilized to create applesauce; do not throw it away.
  • You might further purify apple juice using filters for coffee or straining food fabric for an ultra-thin consistency, even though many people enjoy a little extra pulp in their juice.
  • When you have the finished product, you can taste-test and add cinnamon.
  • Juice should be chilled before serving.

P.S. You can add additional water to the flavor to make it more to your liking if you think it is too strong. Homemade apple juice should be kept in the refrigerator and consumed within a week because it has not been pasteurized.

Mango Spinach Smoothie

One of our favorite summertime drinks or juices is this mango spinach juice. Healthy, new, energizing, flavorful, and vibrant juice. Baby spinach, fresh mint, freshly squeezed orange juice, and freshly squeezed lime are all there in abundance.

The nicest thing about this juice is that there is no need to wait around for the mangoes to ripen because it tastes great, looks great, and is freezer-friendly. With the remaining ingredients in a blender simply combine some fresh frozen mangoes, then garnish with an ice cube and fresh mangoes that have been diced.

About recipe:

This particular green is the one you desire out of the entire range of greens and potential greens for a smoothie. You will adore that gorgeous, brilliant green—almost neon in a good way. It looks as good as it does on the palate.

This nutritious green smoothie’s pleasant, fruity foundation is provided by frozen mango, which also simplifies life. Put some frozen mangos in a blender after grabbing the package. We carry a bag at all times.

Next, a further basic kitchen item – clean baby spinach. Yes, it is a necessity for any kitchen. The finest baby spinach is the one already cleaned. A few handfuls can be used to make sauces and added to a smoothie throughout the early hours of the day. While getting a nutritious serving of leafy greens that are packed with nutrients, the mild flavor of the spinach allows the mint, citrus, and mango to stand out.

Make sure you use a strong blender. It ought to have enough power to completely purée the mixture, leaving no trace of spinach.


  • frozen mango (1 cup, diced)
  • baby spinach (half a cup, packed)
  • mint (7 huge leaves)
  • navel orange (1, juicy)
  • lime (one-half)
  • cold water (1.5 cups)


  • Blend with all components added.
  • Beginning with the lowest level, increase it progressively to the highest position.
  • Continue blending using a high speed until the end result is smooth and creamy. Depending on your blender, this could take 10 seconds, 20 seconds, or even longer.

P.S. Add kale to the mixture to turn your green smoothie into a kale spinach smoothie to maximize its health benefits. In this instance, you can use a quarter cup of spinach and kale for a half-cup of spinach. Alternatively, use only kale. In either case, the best approach for kicking off your day is with a nutritious green smoothie.

Pineapple Celery Green Juice

This recipe for pineapple celery green juice is perfect for juice lovers. This drink is incredibly nutritious and healthy. It is packed with antioxidants, vital vitamins, and nutrients, as well as alkalizing and anti-inflammatory effects.

This pineapple celery juice aims to make you feel cool and helps with digestion issues as well. This juice takes only five minutes to make at home and is one of our favorite juice recipes. It will make you happy no matter what day it is.

About recipe:

When it comes to juicing, we enjoy using a wide range of fruits and vegetables. We personally prefer to maintain a healthy fruit-to-vegetable proportion. This, in our opinion, maximizes the quantity of nutrients we take in. Additionally, it enhances the juice’s flavor significantly.

This particular combination is our go-to even though we like to alter the fruits and veggies we include in our juices. The mineral content in this green juice will allow your digestive system to run smoothly throughout the entire day. This pineapple celery green juice should be the first thing you make in the morning. It will calm your stomach (especially after an indulgent weekend) and give you energy.

It is also a very nutrient-rich juice that is quite delightful to drink. Antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and alkalizing compounds, as well as several necessary nutrients, are abundant in this juice. The majority of these components, including ginger, celery, and pineapple, are excellent for soothing digestion. It is a fantastic juice to consume to strengthen your immune system.


  • celery
  • pineapple
  • parsley
  • cucumber
  • lemon
  • ginger root


  • Prepare the ingredients by chopping the pineapple into pieces and measuring 1.5 cups. Cucumber, parsley, and celery should be rinsed and dried. Chop and peel the lemon.
  • Juice all ingredients in a blender. The ginger and parsley should come first, then the rest. Since both of these components have less water than the others, they will be forced through the juicer.
  • If desired, let the juice chill in the refrigerator for a short while. Normally, we leave it there while we tidy our juicer.
  • Drink and serve within eight hours.


Watermelon Juice

This watermelon juice is fantastic for summer days since it is made with lots of chunks of fresh, juicy watermelon and salt. You can add fruit of your choice, lime juice, or mint for flavor. This is the best summertime beverage to stay hydrated.

It is swift and simple to cook, and no costly equipment is required. Watermelon has several health advantages, is low in calories, naturally sweet, and contains 92% water, which keeps you hydrated and in good health during hot weather. Cheers to this fruit, which is nutrient-dense and loaded with vitamins and minerals. You just need to take it all in!

About recipe:

All you need to do is put some watermelon chunks in the blender and purée it for one minute! Just be sure you purchase a watermelon of high caliber. To brighten the taste and give the juice a bit more zest, we like to squeeze fresh lime and add sea salt.

We occasionally add some sugar to the blended juice depending on the level of sweetness of the watermelon, but this is entirely optional.

Ingredients (variations):

  • Some watermelons have a tendency to be unusually crunchy or pulpy. In order to avoid pulpy juice or watermelon chunks in your juice, either mix it for an extra minute with 1/2 cup of cooled water or filter the juice prior to serving.
  • We enjoy adding sea salt, which has magnesium, iodine, potassium, and calcium among other minerals. It accentuates the watermelon’s inherent flavors while also balancing off the sweetness.
  • Adding fresh mint leaves to the blender will give it an extra shot of cooling flavor if you have any on hand. We like to garnish watermelon juice with fresh mint sprigs to enhance the flavor and aesthetic appeal.
  • When pouring the juice, you can also add a few spoonfuls of small watermelon cubes that have been chopped or watermelon balls that have been scooped (with a watermelon baller).
  • To create a delightful watermelon drink, add a dash of rum. Make some entertaining drinks with your preferred booze by combining triple sec and vodka or vodka and sparkling white wine.
  • Although it is not our personal choice, many of our Indian friends like their watermelon juice with a dash of chaat masala or Himalayan black salt to give it a savory, umami flavor.


  • Reduce the watermelon’s size by cutting it.
  • Sea salt, watermelon pieces, and ice or cooled water are then added to the mixer.
  • Blend everything until everything is completely broken down. Enjoy with a squeeze of lime juice added.

P.S. If the juice begins to separate over time, you might wish to stir it with a spoon.


If you have not been juicing regularly, give it a go. The way freshly made juice packed with nutrients makes you feel after drinking it cannot be compared to anything. After overindulging, it significantly aids in your body’s and gut’s detoxification. Juicing helps your digestive system recover and get back on track while also giving it respite.

You must occasionally rest your gut if you want to maintain its health. In fact, this enables your body to regenerate cells and regain energy. Juices are a great source of important vitamins and minerals. Since much of the fiber in fruits and vegetables is eliminated during processing, your body can absorb these nutrients much more quickly.

Juice is simpler to digest than other liquids. This enables your digestive system and other organs to resume their normal course of action and perform as intended. Your body will then begin to naturally detoxify and get rid of any stored pollutants. The digestive systems of many of us are very delicate. Juicing will always enable you to regain control over your digestion and a healthy gut.

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