P. S. I Love You: How to End a Love Letter

how to end a love letter

A love letter is a great, old-fashioned way of expressing your emotions to your significant other. However, after spending lots of time and effort composing the perfect message, you might be at a loss for words when you have to finish it up.

In this article, you will find out how to end a love letter with some additional tips that will make it flawless.

Phrases You Can Use to End a Love Letter


There are dozens of phrases you can use to end a love letter, spanning from archaic and formal to modern and quirky. The choice between different phrases largely depends on your relationship with the person you are sending the letter to.

Furthermore, the ending phrase should reflect your usual speech patterns. Otherwise, it might come off as unnatural and even dishonest.

• With the purest love;

• Love you;

• Sending you all my love;

• Love always and forever;

• With love and expectation;

• Love you so much;

• Your devoted lover;

• Love always;

• Love and many kisses;

• Loving you always and forever;

• You know I love you;

• Love, peace, and chicken grease;

• With love;

• Love ya;

• I love you very, very much;

• Love and kisses;

• You have all my love;

• With love and anticipation;

• Loving you always;

• Love and best wishes;

• Your endless love;

• Luv ya;

• Love you now and forever;

• With hope and love;

• One love;

• Lots of love;

• Love forever;

• Your loving;

• Forever my love;

• I’ll love you always;

• With love, your girlfriend/boyfriend;

• All my love forever;

• Your love always;

• Much love;

• All my love;

• Loving you with all my heart;

• Love, hugs, and kisses;

• With all my love;

• I will love you always;

How to End a Love Letter Without Saying Love


Sometimes, for one reason or another, you want to avoid using the word love in your love letter. Still, that doesn’t completely limit your possibilities as there are alternative phrases you can use in such a case. So, if you are wondering how to end a love letter without using an L-word, here is a list of those phrases.

• Missing you every moment;

• Your girlfriend/boyfriend always;

• Can’t wait to see you again;

• Always and truly;

• Patiently yours;

• Eternally yours;

• Kisses;

• My heart belongs to you always;

• Yours always;

• Thanks for understanding;

• Your eternal soul mate;

• Your darling;

• I am forever yours;

• Xoxo;

• Many thanks;

• Missing you already;

• Always your baby;

• Remembering us;

• Thinking of you;

• Wanting you more;

• Always in my heart;

• Hugs and kisses;

• Lustfully yours;

• Hoping to see you soon;

• Always;

• Forgive me please;

• Always and forever;

• Affectionately;

• Hug ya;

• Eternal;

• Especially yours;

• See you soon;

• Yours and only yours;

• Written hopefully;

• My best;

• Remembering us the way we were;

• Always yours;

• Soon to be your partner for life;

• Unconditionally yours;

• Kiss ya;

• Thank you for caring;

• Longing to see you again;

• Missing you;

• With affection;

• Still thinking of you;

• Unabashedly yours;

• Affectionately yours;

• Regards;

• Sweet kisses;

• Forever yours;

• Adoringly yours;

• With appreciation;

• Forever and always;

Tips for Ending a Love Letter


After signing off with one of the above phrases, you might consider adding some unique elements to your letter. Namely, drawing a heart or leaving lipstick kisses could make your love note more captivating and charming.

And if your love letter is in electronic form, consider going with an emoji or two. Finally, make sure your signature is neat and clear, as it can say a lot about you.

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