8 Highly Useful Items Perfect for Branded Promo Campaigns

items branded promo campaigns

When you want to build a loyal customer base, using promotional marketing giveaway campaigns is an excellent strategy. By giving out valuable items for free, you’ll create brand loyalty in a fast and affordable fashion. Eight highly useful items are perfect for any branded promo campaign:

1. Pens

Everyone needs a pen now and then, even in the age of social media. Since people are less likely to own a pen these days, you can give them the gift of instant information sharing and documents by handing out a high-quality pen with your brand emblazoned on it. This will show them that you care, and add value to their daily life. Since individual pens in stores are getting outrageously expensive, this remains one of the best promo items you can go with for your next campaign.

2. Koozies

After a long day at work, many people enjoy having a nice cold soda or brew. Koozies help you relax, without getting your hands all wet and nasty. If you want your customers to think of your company each time they sit down to enjoy a post-work drink, you should be handing out koozies that have your brand and contact information on them. Many people make purchases when they are having a drink as well, so this will make them more likely to purchase something from your company.

3. Paperweights

If you’re serving a business-minded clientele, having business-minded promotional items will add value to their lives. Even with how digital most businesses have become, physical paperwork is still an ever-present reality in most workers’ lives. By giving out a paperweight, you’ll help them stay organized and prepared. Next time they’re thinking about how much value they’re getting out of the paperweight, their opinion of your business will skyrocket, and you’ll create a valuable emotional connection that will serve your brand in the future.

4. Hats

Do you know that hats are one of the most successful promotional items that businesses use? Well, now you do. If you want to thrill your customers, giving them a nice-looking, well-fitting hat for free is a guaranteed way to do so. You’ll be giving them the gift of comfort, and the ability to keep the bright summer sun out of their eyes, after all. The more attractive you make the hat, the better. If you can get the customer to wear the hat out and about in public, you’ll be getting your brand in front of thousands of new eyes each time they go out.

5. Stress Balls

Speaking of business-minded promo gifts, stress balls are another great option for business-minded companies. Stress balls have never gone out of fashion, and remain a healthy way for people to relieve stress and anxiety during a busy work day. If you connect your brand to the act of your customer relieving stress, it will do wonders for their emotional connection with your brand.

The fact that you can buy an insane amount of branded stress balls for an incredibly low price point only makes this strategy that much more attractive to implement. So be sure to seriously consider how this could boost your brand in 2023.

6. Tea Bags

Edible promotional gifts have become much more popular over the last decade. Tea bags and snack packs are some of the most widely used edible promo gifts. For health-conscious companies, giving out tea bags of delicious, unique tea with your brand and contact information on it is a fantastic idea. You can even have your tea or snacks branded if you sell them, to make an even larger impression on your potential customers. After all, who doesn’t love a free sample?

7. Water Bottles

Water bottles are a timeless and high-quality promo item choice. They have clear value, can be used time and time again, and can help make your brand exist within the organic, IRL space. If you buy high-quality water bottles to give out, you’ll be greatly improving your customers’ lives by encouraging them to stay hydrated in a more consistent fashion (which is something we could all benefit from).

8. Socks

Lastly, socks are an easy, no-frills way to promote your brand. The branding should be subtle on socks, but the fact that a good pair of socks quickly make their way into people’s hearts is what makes them such a great promo gift. If you want to buy a gift that’s a bit more expensive for your premium customers, branded socks are a great idea.

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