Keeping your iPhone in Perfect Condition: Tips and Tricks

keeping your iPhone in perfect condition

Nowadays, devices are getting more resistant to various adverse effects. They are likely to survive contact with water or accidental drop. High and low temperatures have become a less crucial factor of device capability. You can still get access to all necessary apps even if your phone screen is cracked. Although smartphones are fragile, engineers consider our modern rush lifestyle and make devices function even despite some physical damages or programming flaws.

If you are following the latest technological trends or software updates and eagerly waiting for the new iPhone releases, keeping your device in perfect condition may not be your top priority. However, even relatively old phones with good battery health, screen brightness, and comfortable processing power can get sold for a pretty good price. If you can fix the device and remove cosmetic damage, customers won’t make you wait for them too long. 

Even such durable and high-quality gadgets like iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 need good treatment to function smoothly and longer. Yet, no worries, most tips are easy to follow and consume little of the user’s time. Check our advice on how to keep your iPhone in perfect condition. 

Prevent your iPhone from Overheating

One of the most common problems iPhone users report is device overheating. Have you ever experienced the phone getting warm right in your hand? Although the latest models have become stronger and better functioning, they may still struggle with excess heat. There are several reasons for making your iPhone hot. Apart from weather conditions, there are problems with the device battery, possible iOS bugs, and too many apps open simultaneously. Let us discuss how to fix these problems. 

First, try to keep your iPhone away from the direct sunlight. Also, ensure you charge it in the room at an optimal temperature. Take off the case and a screen protector if needed. Thus, you will eliminate one of iPhone users’ most common problems.

Second, check and filter all the apps you use. Some may need to be updated and only waste space on your device. Also, check the background processes. You could have left some apps open for a long time without even noticing it. Look into the control center to see what apps consume the most energy and screen time. Sometimes, even the settings app may cause an overheating problem. In this case, you have to install updates and check your device for possible bugs. 

Another common reason your iPhone may start getting overheated is numerous spy programs impeding the smooth operation of the device. These background apps cause the battery to drain and clog the memory of the phone. Start deleting unnecessary apps and see how your iPhone is getting in shape. 

Charge your iPhone Wisely

Battery power is one of the things iPhone developers have been working on for a long time. Since our life has become tightly connected to cell phones, their battery capacity is improving dramatically.

Charging the device correctly will help it live longer and work more smoothly. Who could tell that this simple thing we do almost every day may be so crucial for the ”health” of your device? Yet, it is true. Apple representatives suggest users not draining the battery completely. The best way is to keep your iPhone 30-80% charged. Getting 100% each time is unnecessary, but it won’t hurt the phone.

Specialists recommend users avoid charging the device from zero to 100%. It is a widespread bad habit since people tend to put the charging on the shelf until night. However, our average battery usage requires at least one daily charging session to keep the battery from draining completely. If you constantly exhaust the device with fluctuating charging (from zero to the fullest), don’t expect the phone to keep energy long.

The best approach is to top your battery up occasionally during the day. It will help it stay in the best condition. Sounds tiresome? Get yourself an extra charger or a power bank to fill your iPhone with energy on the go. 

Another non-obvious tip to keep your iPhone battery in excellent condition is to use the charger that came with the phone. Not only will it top the battery faster, but it will also save it for a longer time. Fast charges are proven not to damage iPhones, so feel free to test various products. Just avoid dubious sharing devices that may cause trouble to the battery. 

Take Care of your Storage 

The storage issue remains one of the pressing issues among iPhone users who use their devices often to take pictures and videos. iPhones are well-known for the high quality of images and extensive storage. Therefore, people usually need to remember thousands of similar photos and videos they made.

Yet, these files slowly (and sometimes quite fast) fill up the device, slowing its work. On top, there is a risk of valuable data being lost if the device reaches total capacity. To avoid trouble, remember to clear out unnecessary documents, photos, and videos from the phone as needed.

Additionally, deleting old apps that are no longer used can help reduce storage since they usually contain large files that take up memory space. We have already mentioned this tip at the beginning of the article. Yet, its crucial role is hard to overestimate. 

Utilizing cloud storage services is one of the most feasible tactics for freeing up iPhone storage. Think of the iCloud Backup or Google Cloud. Thus, you will have all the necessary apps and documents outside your device but still get full access. You won’t worry about running out of room on your phone whenever you capture a video or download an app.

By using such cloud-based services in tandem with regularly deleting non-essential content, iPhone owners can manage their memory much more efficiently and quickly get more storage space on their phones without much fuss.

It is not that hard to keep your iPhone working smoothly. You have to pay attention to some daily rituals every phone owner does. Check if your iPhone has a ”fever” and avoid direct sunlight. Don’t let the device ”die” with 0% of battery. Specialists recommend maintaining iPhones 30-80% charged.

While getting a full battery every time you charge the iPhone is a good practice, fluctuating charging (0-100%) may seriously damage the phone and make it lose energy faster. Using the charger you got in a set with your iPhone is better. However, check out some alternatives to provide a faster charging process.

Remember to clean up your iPhone from time to time. Check and filter the apps on the device, and update or delete them when necessary. More apps running simultaneously in the background may significantly slow the phone’s capacity. Consider using cloud storage if you keep too many files, videos, documents, or programs on the device. Thus, you will spare precious space in the storage and still get access to all necessary files without the fear of losing them accidentally. 

By implementing these scientifically proven tips, you can significantly extend the life of your iPhone and preserve its performance over time. Maximizing battery and storage life through simple adjustments will ensure your Apple device serves you well for years.

By Oliver Norman, Content Marketing Manager at EDGE Vaping

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