Optimising Sustainability: 7 Key Strategies for a Greener Workplace

Greener Workplace

Going green in the workplace is necessary to cut expenses and save the environment. 

This article will discuss seven strategies you can incorporate into the workplace to drive the green initiative and some tips employees can use to help make the transition.

1. Switch to Digital 

Going digital erases the need for paper, saving the business on expenses. There is no need to have storage space for all the documents in the office. It will also help the environment, and there will be no need to cut down as many trees to make paper. 

Digitalisation makes it easier to keep track of admin, easily share important documents with colleagues and can be used to communicate quickly via email or other platforms.

2. Remote Work

Remote and hybrid work will save the company water, electricity and equipment costs. For people who work hybrid days, consider doing it once a week in the office and four days at home to avoid commuting.  

Working from home will also save on fuel costs as there is no need to drive into the office or attend physical meetings, as these can be held online via digital platforms. You can hire a virtual assistant to help with specific workloads if needed. 

If it is necessary to travel, consider encouraging employees to use sustainable transport or carpool to reduce released carbon emissions. 

3. Save Water & Energy 

Another effective optimising strategy to help keep the office green is to save water and energy. For energy costs, encourage employees to switch off equipment or appliances that are not needed, such as computers, at the end of their work day. 

Saving water by ensuring taps are adequately closed in the bathroom and kitchen. They should also report any leaks and install low-flowing taps. Waterless urinals can be installed, and rainwater can be caught for any plant life that needs watering. 

4. Start Recycling

Ensure that staff knows how to reduce, reuse, and recycle within the office space to ensure that no materials or resources go to waste. These can include only charging necessary devices and using enough water in the kettle to avoid over-boiling for one cup, which wastes energy and water. 

Paper can be recycled, and cups and plates that can be washed out and reused can be used instead of paper cups that will be thrown out after one use. 

Incentives can be provided for those who enforce the recycling programs within the office. 

5. Green Initiatives and Training Programs

Provide training programs for employees and green initiatives that they can partake in to learn more about the necessary changes that need to be made. These programs can also help you find employees passionate about going green, which will benefit your company’s needs. 

This means employees will be taught to be more sustainable in the workplace and avoid unnecessary waste.  

6. Do An Energy Audit

Doing an energy audit is important to assess the levels of energy that are used within the workplace, highlight the areas that are using too much energy and provide some tips on how you can cut back on energy use. 

A professional auditor can do this, or you can install a smart meter which will identify high usage of energy and alert you to the cause. 

7. Start Community Projects

Getting more involved in community projects can help with extra encouragement to go green. Consider planting trees or starting a recycling project for the community to help drive the force of saving energy.

Tips for Employees 

Employees can also help by making small changes on their own and implementing them at the workplace. 

Here are some tips that can be used. 

  • Use a lunch tin for packaging sandwiches- This eliminates the need to throw out brown paper bags or plastics after one use. 
  • Use your own cup at work- this can be washed and used again the next day, which saves on paying for coffee or having to buy one every day. 
  • Use the bus or train. If you stay closer, consider walking or riding a bicycle- this will reduce your carbon footprint. 


The above strategies and tips provided can help make a workplace much greener. To discover cheaper rates on your business utilities, you can compare quotes to see which utility provider offers better rates and is more affordable for your business energy needs. 






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