Modern Garden Design Ideas: How to Make the Most out of the Garden Space

modern garden design ideas

Whether you’re a fan of modern home design or prefer the traditional style, your outdoor space will be an area where you can relax and unwind after a long day. That’s why it is important to make the most out of your garden space with the right kind of garden design ideas.

Here are 9 ideas that can maximize your garden space while making it look modern.

Use a Modern Pond to Divide Zones

Modern garden ideas such as adding a pond into your back garden can create a chilled-out safe space. Including a small pond in your outdoor areas can provoke wildlife into your back garden causing a calm and beautiful atmosphere for you to chill out and relax in.

A double pond can separate different zones in your back gardens such as your seating area or cooking space. Using a pond to separate your seating area can provide a tucked away and secret space in your house for you to loosen up and calm any stress you may be feeling. If you live in a household with more than 2 people you may get stressed and want to get away without leaving, having a hidden seating area in your garden can be the perfect little getaway. 

Split Your Garden into Levels

Contemporary garden design ideas such as dividing your garden into levels can add a modern but relaxing feeling. This can separate your garden up so it doesn’t feel cramped and messy because everything is pushed up next to each other. 

Having split levels can be the perfect opportunity to have different spaces such as cooking, dining, seating and play area for kids. Having these different components in your back garden can add excitement and modernity at the same time. You can also do this if you have front garden ideas if you prefer that to your back garden or if your house doesn’t have one. 

Soothing Colour Palette

Adding the perfect colours to your garden can make it feel comfy and atmospheric at the same time. For modern garden design ideas, whites and greys are preferably the best colour matches for your ideas. These colours can make your plants stand out and having a fire pit adds a nice touch to the colours. 

Choose Contemporary Flooring

Your patio flooring makes all the difference to add that touch of comfort and home in one. Having a sleek design in your garden can add comfort and modernness. Also having patterned and brightly coloured tiles can have a holiday abroad feel to it making it more special, especially on those hot summer days chilling out in your back garden feeling like your abroad is an exciting and relaxed feeling.

Use a Pergola for Shaded Zones

For your modern garden design ideas you might want to think about adding a pergola, they can provide shade for your seating or dining areas and can create different zones in your garden. 

Having the perfect colour blend of a pergola and your walls can help with defining your plants and different areas such as a pond, seating, dining or play area making your garden appear more sleek and modern.

Adding a Shed for Featuring

Having a shed in your contemporary garden designs can provide an area for storing and keeping garden appliances. Whether it’s garden tools or chairs having a shed can be very useful and add to your colour pallet for the garden design. 

When having a shed you can paint any colour you wish very easily or when it starts getting worn down you can give it a coat of paint and have it look brand new or sleek for your garden. 

Make Space with a Garden Room

Having a garden room can be a better alternative to an extension as it is much more cost-efficient and can create more space in your garden. You can convert it into a home office, hobby or yoga space for you to work in. you can turn it into any type of living pace you like with any colours or theme you want. 

Create a Children’s Area

If you have kids, including an outdoor play area having play equipment in your garden space can be a perfect component. It can provide something for them to pay for and do in the space-time and allow you to get any work done or cleaning around the house while they are occupied outside out of your way.

You add anything from a play kitchen or outdoor tool set for them to mess with and use colours to match the rest of your garden theme keeping it modern and comfy. 

Outdoor Lighting

Adding those little finishing touches to the back or front garden designs can be everything, from the little plants, furniture or lighting they all count to improve your garden.

Having a mix of lighting around your garden can set the mood depending on their colours whether the lights are white, golden or multicoloured they all make a difference. They can help light up different key areas in your garden such as big plants, seating spaces or ponds to make it feel that little bit more special and comforting to yourself and others. 


In the end, the more garden space you have, the greater the possibilities are that you can create a beautiful outdoor oasis. Don’t be afraid to use the space beneficially, and focus on functionality as well as beauty. There’s no need to fill every knothole with another bush or flower. The key is fitting the shape of your property to what you want it to be—something that is both beautiful and useful.

Amie has a love for numbers and holds a master’s degree in finance. When she’s not playing with numbers or words or pottering in the garden, you can find her in the kitchen roasting her own coffee beans.

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