10 Ways To Say No Problem In French To Be Friendly

no problem in french

When learning any new language, there are two basic but essential phrases that one needs to be familiar with — “thank you” and “you are welcome.” These are simple phrases that can be used in various situations.

But, there are also variations of saying “thank you.” In this article, we will be focusing on an informal form of “you are welcome” — no problem. More specifically, the different ways to say “no problem” in French.

10 Friendly Ways to Say No Problem in French


#1. Pas De Probleme

A common way to say “no problem” in French is “pas de probleme,” which literally translates to “not any problem.”

It is the informal, well-known, widely used, and most understood form of no problem. It’s a helpful phrase to use when you want to be friendly and is mainly used to acknowledge an apology or put someone at ease.

#2. Pas De Souci

“Pas de souci” is a more informal way of saying “pas de probleme” and is not used too commonly.

The word “souci” is a translation of “worry,” so the phrase essentially translates to “no worries.” Il y a pas de souci is a more extended version that literally translates to “there is no worry.”

#3. Aucun Probleme

The word “aucun” translates to “not any” or “no” and proceeds with a noun. “Aucun probleme” is an alternative to “pas de probleme” or “pas de souci” as it is used in the same way, but it more closely translates to “there is no problem at all.”

#4. Ca Marche

“Ca marche” is a more casual, quick, and simple way of saying “no problem” in French but is used more as a confirmation of something someone else said.

The French verb “marcher” means “to walk” or “to work.” It is an acknowledgment that there is no problem in the form of “that works.”

#5. C’est Pas Grave

“C’est pas grave” or “ce n’est pas grave” or “pas grave” are well-known ways to emphasize that something is not a problem or a big deal.

Its literal translation is “it’s not serious,” which can be used in any formal or informal situation to mean the person need not worry at all.

#6. A L’aise

“A l’aise” is a phrase more commonly used by the younger generation and in virtual conversations.

It is a slang term that translates to “comfortable” or “relaxed” and can mean “no prob,” “no sweat,” “easy peasy,” or “piece of cake” in English.

#7. Il N’y A Pas De Quoi

“Il n’y a pas de quoi” is commonly used when you want to say you’re welcome.

It translates directly as “there’s nothing to be thankful for,” which essentially means “there is no reason to thank me.” Other informal versions are “y’a pas de quoi” or “pas de quoi.”

#8. Tout Va Bien

“Tout va bien” literally means “everything is going well.” In English, it can also mean “all is well” or “it’s okay.”

#9. Ca Roule

“Ca roule” is a more informal form of “ca marche.” It is a more comical way of saying “ca marche” since you need a vehicle to “roule” versus only using your feet to “marche.”

#10. Pas De Lezard

“Pas de lizard” is a funny idiomatic expression literally meaning “there is no lizard.”

The word lizard does not pertain to the animal but is a term in the music industry. “Un lezard” is an unpleasant hissing sound that can be audible during music recordings. If there is no such sound, they say “y’a pas de lizard,” meaning “there is no problem with the audio.”

Nowadays, it is used as “there is no problem.”

Other Ways


#1. Ca ne fait rien – another practical expression literally meaning “that makes nothing” or “does not matter.” It is used more as “that’s ok,” “don’t mention it,” or “it’s nothing.”

#2. Ne derange pas – “derange” is a verb that means to disturb or bother. In a sentence, “ne derange pas” can mean “do not disturb” or “not have a problem.”

#3. Il n’y a aucun mal or Il n’y a pas del mal – in English, means “there is no harm,” “there’s nothing wrong,” or “no harm done.”

#4. Avec plaisir’ – if you want to sound like a local in southern France, you can use “avec plaisir’,” which translates to “with pleasure” or “my pleasure.”

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