Online Poker Multi-Tabling Tips to Improve Your Game

online poker multi tabling tips

The rapid pace of online poker is one of its most significant advantages over live play. You can play a lot of hands, learn more about the game, and improve your skills. Even if you like short sessions and play for fun, you still get a lot of action.

Even better, you can experiment with multi-tabling. You can launch a lot of different tables at once on the best websites. It’s a great approach to enhance both your experience and future earnings.

Most players prefer multi-table games since they are more enjoyable. Professional players may play multiple tables rather than focusing on a specific game to get quick ROIs to increase their hourly earnings.

This only works if adding new tables won’t significantly impact how well you play. Only play as many tables as you feel comfortable, and quit playing as soon as you cannot monitor a poker hand.

Fortunately, multi-tabling is a talent that can be learned or a collection of skills. So, if you are interested in learning about it, here is an article that can guide you with some easy tips.

Multi-tabling in Online Poker

Mastering One Table First

If you’re just starting off playing online poker real money, multi-tabling is not for you. Before adding more tables, you should be able to master just one type of poker.

If you have more hands each hour, you must act more quickly. Making judgments concurrently in several pots could be too much for new players. A massive river raise at one table followed by an ace timeout at another is the worst situation you want to encounter. That’s why slowly begin your play. If you have problems following the activities on one or two tables, don’t add any more. Make it easy for you to play a variety of games gradually.

Limiting Distractions

Making your windows as uniform as possible will help you multi-table more easily and keep you from getting distracted while you play poker online. Choose the same design for all of your tables in addition to your desired seating arrangements. Black and grey are wonderful choices because they will make your 4-color deck stand out even more. Don’t have any other windows open, especially browser tabs with content that isn’t related to poker.

Making All Tables Visible

To save room and start as many games as possible, seasoned professionals frequently stack tables on top of one another. However, this could cause many issues when the games first begin.

Up to six tables can typically be cascaded on the screen without any problems. By doing this, you’ll be able to keep an eye on everything going on and plan your play. If your tables are stacked, you won’t gain from this because they won’t emerge until it’s your chance to act.

Not Combining Tournaments and Cash Games.

Even seasoned players maintain the same structure when playing at multiple tables. Combining online poker tournaments and cash games has zero benefits, which is seldom justified.

Mixing different game types can be complex, especially if you’re stacking them. Suddenly seeing a cash game table can throw you off your game and demand you to switch gears in your head quickly.

Being forced to alternate between cash game and tournament strategy all the time will probably hurt your performance.

Recognizing Your Weakness

Whether you play at two or twelve tables, you must be ready to set priorities as the options multiply. Which options are straightforward and require more time and consideration must be clear.

When the pressure of the game is on, you never make numerous critical judgments at once. Sometimes you must choose between several simple options and a difficult decision. Accept your weakness, carefully consider the circumstances, and make a healthy choice. Go to your other tables and make logical judgments on autopilot about raising, calling, or folding before the flop.

Keeping Notes

You still have the chance to take notes on your nameless opponents, even if you play at anonymous tables. Ideally, you’ll note these behaviors to use them to your advantage. Naturally, doing this while multi-tabling will be more challenging.

Instead of attempting to extract every last penny of profit from your opponents using more intricate exploitative techniques, you’ll be better off playing a more balanced style of poker and folding or checking in marginal moments. However, take short notes occasionally if you have the time and focus. You don’t have to write in great detail when taking notes.

Numerous applications also offer your competitors HUD (Heads-Up Display) with stats. You can afford to rely on the program rather than trying to observe everyone, as you will be able to predict what to expect based on the player’s previous conduct. Some poker sites allow players to use this tool.

Keeping Your Game Plan in Mind

Multi-tabling aims to raise your volume of hands to demonstrate your edge at the tables and boost your hourly wage. Each table you add will reduce your advantage a little bit, and if you add too many tables, you won’t have any edge left.

When it comes to the number of tables you play simultaneously and the stakes you play at, try to locate the sweet spot. Maintain precise records, and ensure you have a sufficient number of hands in the sample to make valid assessments of your performance.


Get proficient at multi-tabling if you want to play online poker for money rather than for fun. If you think you are ready to add two or three more tables, you can head over to GGPoker, the world’s largest poker room, and start multi-tabling to improve your skills in the game. Sign up today to get access!

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