Playing Blackjack: What Is the Best Betting Strategy for You?

playing blackjack betting strategy

Blackjack is one of the popular casino card games that are also now available online. It has uncomplicated rules, and even new bettors can participate. On the other hand, if you wish to earn extra money while enjoying your casino time, then blackjack is also a relatively good option. 

Aside from its straightforward rules, it also has several betting strategies that you can apply to increase your chances of earning more. To help you, here are a few of the most popular betting strategies for you.

Counting Cards

Counting cards are among the most popular and widely used blackjack betting strategies. Card counting aims to wager big money on bets with aces and high cards. Then, smaller bets for lower cards.

To play with counting cards, you must first assign values to every card. So, it can be like this:

  • Cards 2 to 6 = +1
  • Cards 7 to 9 = 0
  • Cards 10 to Ace = -1

After that, once the dealer deals your card, you can add or subtract one or do nothing. Then, you need to mind the running count as the game starts. This can take time to get used to, but you can easily get the hang of it once you become more familiar with how it goes. This goes on until the dealer reshuffles the card. If the running count increases, the player has the advantage, but if the running count becomes negative, the online casino has the upper hand. 

Due to this strategy’s popularity, casinos have also devised an idea for counter-counting cards. In an attempt to do so, they started using multiple decks. Fortunately, there’s also a way you can go around this. To give you a brief discussion, you will need to figure out the “True Count,” You only have to remember the formula: running count/decks remaining. So, if your running count is at -8 with four decks remaining, the true count is -2 (-8/4).

Martingale System

Martingale System was one of the oldest betting strategies in this list. This strategy can be applied to other casino games like baccarat and roulette. The whole idea of the Martingale System is to double your bet when losing but maintain your wager when you win. 

This is because you’re making a profit every time you win. So, after doubling your wages after losing, your profit from your win is restoring your losses. In other words, it attempts to offset your losing streak by doubling your wager amount after each time you lose.

For instance, if your initial bet is $10, you lose $10. Then, you should bet $20 the next wager, and if you lose again, you’re losing $30. After that, you double your last wager again and bet $40 the next time. So, if you win, you can win $80 of your wager, which gives you a $10 profit. 

This is a good betting system, but it can take a long time before you can turn your hands. So, you might need to spend extra more until then.

1326 Blackjack Betting System

Another progression type of betting strategy in this list is the 1326 Blackjack Betting System. This betting system relies on the betting pattern of one unit, then three units, then two units, then six units, based on the premise that there are chances that you can win four times in a row.

Imagine betting $5 on every unit to give you a better idea. If your initial bet is $5, you can win $10. So, you’ll need to add $5 for the second bet, which makes it $15. If you win this bet, you now have $30. Then, you take $20, so you’ll have $10 as your third bet. If your third wager also wins, you now have $20. Then, you add $10 to make your fourth bet $30. If this bet wins again, you can have $60.

The downside of this bet is that you’ll need to win four games in a row to complete your cycle and receive your profit. If not, it’s best not to engage with this, especially if you’re a serious blackjack player.

Winning Streak Strategies

As its name suggests, this betting technique focuses on positive progression, which is the opposite of the Martingale System. This type of bet will attempt to maximize the value after winning a hand. The best way to utilize the winning streak strategies is always to be aware of when to take a step back during a winning streak. Other bettors recommend stopping at the three straight wins and calling it a session.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, the best type of blackjack betting strategy for you is the one that fits your wagering style. Although nothing is absolutely the best, you can use the strategies to your advantage. It’s best to practice them in a non-competitive setting to check if it suits you well and determine how to make the best of them.

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