The Popularity of Real Dealer Games around the World

popularity of real dealer games

In different countries, on almost all continents, a new format of online casino games is gaining momentum – games with live dealers. It is this format that in recent years brings the main income to the operators of the global gambling market.

Today, it is already difficult to imagine a gambling platform without games with real dealers. This is undoubtedly a trend of recent years, which is one of the most developing in the global gambling market. The innovation is successfully integrated by well-known providers, and every day it is gaining higher positions in the world market. Players around the world are increasingly opting for live format.

In different jurisdictions, the tastes of users are different, but there are some similarities. For example, card games are popular almost everywhere. Which games attract players in different geographical areas? Let’s analyze this issue together.

Eastern Europe

Here, the tastes of users are quite conservative. Players prefer traditional games with real croupiers. All types of card games and roulette are in the greatest demand among Eastern European players.

In addition to classic content, users here are also increasingly turning their attention to Evolution Gaming content. This is one of the leaders in the market with many years of experience. We are talking about live games in the format of a TV show. It was Evolution Gaming that started this trend. And in Eastern Europe, this was appreciated.

Western Europe

Among Western European players, the popularity of live games is also constantly growing. The leader in revenue from such games is Sweden. Gambling laws in Sweden are strictly regulated by law. Therefore, experienced players who are used to playing in international online casinos choose a reliable and safe gaming experience. All live tables are in demand here. But the most popular in this region are live baccarat, roulette, and even craps.


The gambling business in the USA, no matter how strange it may sound, has huge restrictions. In most states, attempts to play online casinos are suppressed at the legislative level. Players have to look for a way out, so they try to get into their favorite online casino under the jurisdiction of the state where it is allowed. There are only a few states where players do not suffer from such bans.

New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. In these states, virtual casinos are already regulated, which means that these states have become an important part of the gambling market and live format in particular. The tastes of local players are varied, and it is worth highlighting such games with real croupiers: baccarat, blackjack, craps, and Caribbean poker.

Africa and India

The African and Indian regions do not differ much in the tastes of local players. Here people like to play live blackjack, live roulette, or live craps. And although games with real croupiers are insanely popular here, not all African countries can enjoy live games.

If we talk about India, this is undoubtedly a very attractive region for the gambling market. A large number of residents in the country and a rapidly growing GDP indicate that the local gambling market has great prospects.


Gambling in Asia has always been in high demand. Today, with recent technological advances and the growing popularity of virtual live casinos, gambling content in Asia is slowly changing. The market is no longer limited to land-based establishments. The legal status of iGaming industry in Asia varies from country to country. It is banned in most Asian states.

However, the laws do not apply to players who play on foreign sites. Although some countries, such as China, try to block access to these sites, players still visit them using a VPN. Among Asian players, the most popular are baccarat, sic bo, hi-low, wheel of fortune, and keno.

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