Tips For Protective Hair Braids For Men

Hair Braids For Men

Braided hairstyles are a popular way to style and protect natural hair. Braids for men are becoming more mainstream and are an ideal protective hairstyle. However, braids require additional care to protect the style as well as the scalp and natural hair.

In this blog, we give expert tips on the best ways to care for protective braids for men. Using these tips helps maintain the integrity of the braids while protecting your natural hair. 

Advice For Maintaining Braids For Men

While braids for men are more low maintenance than other men’s hairstyles, they do require some upkeep. This helps protect the braids as well as the scalp and hair health.

Healthy hair habits lead to healthy hair growth. Neglecting your hair health leads to breakage and hair loss. Braids are indeed a protective hairstyle, however, they require a bit of upkeep. The following tips are meant to help maintain healthy braids for men.

Wash Your Braids At Least Once Bi-Weekly

A lot of men (and women) go too long between washing their braids. While it is true that washing your hair too much causes hair damage, your hair needs to be cleaned regularly for optimal hair health and growth.

Your hair is a breeding ground for sweat, dander, and other debris, and the same applies to braided hairstyles. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to wash your braids at least once every two weeks. 

Shampoo your braids in the same manner that you wash your natural hair with shampoos that are free from sulfates and parabens to protect your braids. Another way to wash your braids is to use a clean, soft cloth, warm water and shampoo. Section your braids and wipe them with a second damp cloth to remove the shampoo. 

Dry Shampoo Is A Good Way To Keep Your Men’s Braids Clean

Those who want to wash their braids more often will benefit from dry shampoo. This removes product buildup and other debris without causing damage to your braids or natural hair.

Braids For Men Need To Be Moisturized Often

Hair needs moisture in order for optimal hair health. This is true for men’s hair, particularly those with Type 4 Hair. Essential oils are ideal to keep your braids hydrated. Additionally, this also protects your scalp as well as your natural hair. According to MensHaircuts, consult your barber for tips as to what type of oils or other moisturizing hair products are ideal for your hair.

Use The Hair Products For Your Hair Type

It is imperative that you use only those hair products that are ideal for your specific hair type and texture. Use only natural products and avoid those that contain harsh chemicals, parabens, and sulfates. This protects your braids so that they last longer while caring for your natural hair and scalp.

Protect Your Braids When Sleeping

The best time to add moisture to your hair is before you turn in for the night.  As well, tie your braids back with a silk or satin scarf or bonnet to protect your hair while sleeping. If this is too uncomfortable for you, use a satin or silk pillowcase to prevent breakage and other damage to braids for men.

Don’t Neglect Your Scalp

Moisturizing your braids is crucial. However, it is just as essential to protect your scalp. Apply essential oils directly to your scalp for optimal hydration. Also, do not rub your scalp as this causes breakage and scalp irritation.

Refrain From Tying Up Your Braids Too Often

Braided updos for men are trendy currently. However, if you keep your hair tied up or back too long, it causes excessive pulling on your braids. This in turn damages both your natural hair and your scalp. Leave your hair down often to protect your hair and scalp.

Don’t Leave Your Braids In Too Long

 Yes, braided hairstyles are ideally a protective hairstyle. However, they too have their limits. Know when it’s time to remove your braids and give your hair a break. Leaving your braids in too long causes scalp damage and hair thinning and breakage. Ideally, braids for men have a lifespan of four to five weeks for optimal hair health.

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