5 Reasons to Pursue a Career in Family Medicine

pursue a career in family medicine

Family medicine is a perfect way to express yourself and make a living as someone who helps a community thrive. This is the reason that so many people who study medicine have an ultimate goal of working in family medicine in some form. Especially for physicians, entering the field is often a dream move. There are five reasons people tend to pursue a career in family medicine:

1. A Stable, Strong Income

Family medicine workers, especially family medicine physicians, are making huge salaries in 2023. With the current shortage of medical workers in many areas, practices, and hospitals are paying top dollar to recruit quality, reliable family medicine staff members.

In addition to great income potential, you’ll be receiving excellent benefits at most work locations. The fact that there is a worker shortage in the field also means it’s a perfect career path for those that want to travel or live somewhere new.

If you have the right qualifications, the world is your oyster in terms of choosing the right job for you (as long as you can beat out the competition). Finding well-paying family medicine physician jobs is not rocket science, and the internet has made it easier than ever before to search far and wide for the job that fits your needs and lifestyle the most.

2. A Strong Communal Connection

Community is everything. As you get older, you’ll realize just how essential it is to feel connected to the place you live and work in. Physician work, especially work at a family medicine facility, has a unique way of making you an integral part of the community you’re working in. Since you’ll be taking care of children, you’re literally the frontline healthcare warrior that’s helping the community’s future thrive.

Your name will likely be known throughout the town due to how infamous you’ll be as a healthcare provider in your area. For those that want to make a life and career in a town, becoming a family medicine physician is one of the best career opportunities out there. Even if you’re looking to stay fairly low-key when you’re not at work, the work you’re doing for the community will pay off time and time again. You’ll be widely loved, which will help your job satisfaction skyrocket.

3. An Ability to Pay Back Loans Faster

Did you know that a lot of states and local governments are offering loan forgiveness programs and benefits for family medicine physicians right now? Due to the worker shortage affecting the profession, government bodies and local groups are pulling out all the stops to attract the workers they need to keep their communities happy, healthy, and secure. The more healthcare access there is on a local level, the healthier and more prosperous that community tends to become, after all.

Medical school tends to be wildly expensive, so the more help you can get with paying back your loans, the better. Even with the great salary, you’ll be pulling in from your family medicine physician job, you’ll benefit from getting your loan paid back at a quick rate. You’ll have a better ability to start a family and buy a home if you go down this path (which is why many family-minded people pursue the career in the first place).

4. A Wide Variety of Opportunities and Career Paths

There are many different forms of family medicine to practice. Physicians, nurses, and admin workers in family practices all have access to a wide variety of career paths and opportunities. For those that are looking for something extra special to boost their skill set, and make their career truly memorable, this quality becomes highly attractive. If you’re looking for a job that can be defined on your own terms, this is a great option. Few medical fields have the same amount of flexibility

5. A Passion for Children and Family Care

If you love children, and helping families grow, then you’ll adore a career in family medicine. There’s no other career path that helps families thrive, and communities grow, quite like it. When you’re beginning out, the career can be overwhelming. But as you transition into it, you’ll learn to feel fulfilled, educated, and loved every day by the people you serve. There are also plenty of opportunities in this field when it comes to foreign nursing recruitment.

Medicine is a two-way street in many ways, and few medical careers allow you to follow the life of your patients quite like being a family medicine physician allows. If you’re ready to start a career that will keep you happy for life, it’s time to grab life by the horns.

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