Love and Luck: How Relationships Can Influence Your Casino Success

Casino Success

Luck Be a Lady Tonight was a famous lyric from a song by Frank Sinatra. He was intertwining feelings of love, emotion and gambling. Which begs the question, how can relationships influence your performance and even luck in real money poker?

Confidence and self-esteem

Some people need a boost of confidence from being in a relationship. There are plenty of people who need the security of having the love of their life to validate them. It offers a lot of emotional stability, as well as confidence and self-esteem. These positive mentalities can be taken to other aspects of life, per se, a man who has a new girlfriend might approach the poker with a certain swagger and confidence. Said player might see cards in a new positive manner.

While these attributes won’t alone win games of poker, they certainly help. Players who think they can win, typically do better than those who have a mindset of failure. Of course, it’s important not to compensate poker skills with over-confidence as that will end up with a diminished bank balance, but you can also visit here to claim the best real money poker bonuses to help your money go that little bit further.

Emotional support and help

Gambling is a good pastime. However, it does have some pitfalls if not managed correctly. If you’re unlucky at the table then having a partner to console you after a loss will be very comforting. Hopefully, they’ll understand and try to make you feel better. Equally, if you’re developing a serious gambling addiction then having a relationship partner will be a really good start in a support network for you to get the help you need.

Other values at play

If you’re in a relationship with someone it typically means sharing your values with them and trying to find a centre ground. That’s how the best relationships work. Sadly, there are some people who don’t think that gambling is a recreational pastime and try to make it out to be the devil’s work. If your partner doesn’t like gambling it will be hard for you to make trips to the casino and/or succeed at it. If that happens you might have to finish up your gambling career, or better yet, dump that person and find someone who likes the casino.

Be sure to be focused on the game at hand

If you’re lucky enough to be in the haze of a brand new relationship, then it could be that you’re only focused on that special person who has entered your life. While that’s great, it probably doesn’t lend itself to focusing on games of poker in your free time. As let’s face it, you’ll probably be more likely to be thinking about your new-found love, etc. In such a case, take the night off poker and enjoy the infancy of your new relationship, it’s only new once. Equally, you could have been married for years and you still find your significant other distracting too.

This also takes value if you take your partner to the casino. They might look nice in their new cocktail dress or suit but be sure to keep your mind on the game you’re playing. You’ll get the chance to look at your partner later in the night.

Less time spent gambling

If you’ve been single for a while, it might be that you’ve had all your free time to yourself to do as you please. That could include various casino games both online and in-person throughout the week. However, if a relationship comes into your life, your schedule could drastically change. After all, you will need to find some time to bond and hang out with. Even if they also like gambling, there will be instances where they might want to go out for dinner or do something else.

If the relationship progresses seriously, it may also be that you will want to move in together. That could be a costly affair if you’re going to buy or rent a place together. Suddenly, that disposable income to gamble needs to be saved for the new apartment.

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