rebound relationship stages

5 Rebound Relationship Stages and What They Mean

Most people think rebound relationships don’t last too long and often don’t mean much. This assumption is somewhat true, as most rebounds don’t exceed the six-month mark. However, as short…

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what he's thinking when he ignores you

Love Facts: What He’s Thinking When He Ignores You

Knowing that there’s someone who loves you genuinely is the best feeling ever, especially for women. But what do you do when your boyfriend or husband starts to ignore you?…

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signs your ex is pretending to be over you

10 Obvious Signs Your Ex Is Pretending to Be Over You

It goes without saying: breakups are hard. No matter who is dumping who, both parties are likely to feel miserable for a while. Eventually, as time goes by, you’ll start…

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cute names to call your crush

Cute Names to Call Your Crush: 63 Sweet Ideas

There are many ways you can express your love for another person — you can buy them a tasty snack, take them to see their favorite movie, or write them…

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what to say to your crush over text

Texting Guide: What to Say to Your Crush Over Text

Today, texting has become the most effective and efficient method of communication, especially in the world of dating. However, this method of communication demands a higher level of creativity than…

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how to cheat

Why I Teach Men How To Cheat

Before I dive in, I accept that I’m broken. I have a beautiful family; a wife and 3 gorgeous children and yet I cheat all the time. I’ve been married…

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how to end a love letter

P. S. I Love You: How to End a Love Letter

A love letter is a great, old-fashioned way of expressing your emotions to your significant other. However, after spending lots of time and effort composing the perfect message, you might…

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freaky things to say to your girlfriend

89 Freaky Things to Say to Your Girlfriend to Drive Her Wild

Whether you are married or dating, your relationship will endure many ups and downs, some of which might even throw you off track for some time. But even with all…

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what happens to a man when a woman pulls away

Love 101: What Happens to a Man When a Woman Pulls Away?

A truth universally acknowledged is that love hurts. Especially if it’s a great love you thought was going to last forever. As sad as it is, it’s very common for…

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sexy date ideas

10 Sexy Date Ideas to Spice Up Your Relationship

Whether you’re married or you’ve just started dating, you have to constantly think of ways to make your relationship more exciting. This can be a challenge, especially since sexy dating…

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