Top 6 Most Romantic Things To Do In Orlando

romantic things to do in orlando

Florida is an exciting place to spend a romantic getaway. In Orlando, you combine a mild sunny climate with a pastimes variety. However, the abundance of tempting offers leads to indecision when planning a trip. Below you will find the most magnificent places to visit during a romantic trip to Orlando.

What is the best way to get around the city?

For comfortable movement around the city and its environs, use the services of Orlando cheap car rentals. The car will allow you to enjoy the journey and personal communication in pleasant seclusion. The landscape outside the city is uneven, and for romantic trips to nature with an overnight stay, you need a roomy car. When planning your arrival at a local airport, consider 7 seater SUV rental Orlando to start your romantic journey in a comfortable vehicle without delay.

Walk on Lake Eola

Lake Eola is located in the heart of the city though it is not very crowded and retains a romantic atmosphere. On the weekends, take a walk along the water’s edge, admiring the magical scenery, and enjoy a romantic swan-shaped boat ride at sunset.

End the evening at Orlando Farmers Market or one of the cozy restaurants. Freshness from the water and the evening wind, the sun burning like glowing coal – you are guaranteed to feel the charm of youthful romance.

Take a walk in nature

The huge Harry P Leu Gardens will allow you to combine a romantic walk with new knowledge and impressions. A specific atmosphere reigns here on Valentine’s Day and every Friday monthly. On these dates, in the evenings, open-air cinemas are organized in the Botanical Garden.

A great outdoor date alternative is a trip to Lake Wales. The main attraction of this area is the Bok Tower Gardens. Walking through the beautiful gardens, you will find the Singing Tower of marvelous architecture. In addition to the pretty spectacle, you can hear the magical melodies of the carillons pouring from the tower. The lake is not far from the city, but considering the hilly area, ponder the options for cars for rent.

Glowing wonder on Merritt Island

If you have a long weekend and don’t want to spend all your time in the city, come on a night tour to Merritt Island. The main attraction there is the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge. In summer, the Refuge organizes night excursions to the reservoirs on kayaks. Dinoflagellates live in local water bodies – organisms that can carry out bioluminescence.

Also, in the absence of city illumination, you can see the view of the night sky. Rent a 7 passenger car for this trip to warm up in a spacious car on a cool morning.

Enjoy the Discovery Cove

Discovery Cove Park allows you to relax actively and communicate with marine life. Romance is also possible in wetsuits with a diving mask – Discovery Cove offers several packages for a romantic getaway, including accommodation at a local hotel. Swim with dolphins in a picturesque pond and share your experience with your loved one!

Romantic dinner at ICON Park

A walk in ICON Park itself can put you in a pleasant mood. However, it’s a great date idea to end up in a private booth on the Ferris Wheel. This tall structure will allow you to survey Orlando and its surroundings. In the evening, the Wheel is illuminated. After sunset, you can see the spellbinding brightness of the city – the perfect setting for words of love and a delicious dinner in seclusion.

“Sweet” date

Arrange a date for a cup of coffee with a sweet dessert – in Orlando, you can find many original establishments with amusing interiors. Treat yourself and your soulmate with unusual sweets. For example:

  • visit the Melting Pot to enjoy four types of fondue for Valentine’s Day;
  • have a fabulous tasting evening at the Sugar Factory;
  • try donuts at Krispy Kreme;
  • delicious ice cream can be found at Haagen Dazs Ice Cream;
  • it is possible to make a DIY chocolate dessert at Bigfire Universal Orlando.

A romantic getaway in Orlando is an unforgettable adventure, no matter where you go. The main thing is to make the trip eventful, not to get bored in the hotel, and not to save on comfort!

Vanessa is a wife and mother to three rambunctious teenagers. When she’s not out lunching with the ladies or volunteering on community projects, Vanessa spends her time reading great books or attempting to write one over copious amounts of coffee. She finds writing therapeutic and is forever encouraging her kids and their friends to wield the pen rather than their mobiles.

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