Which Animals Make the Best Family Pets?

Family Pets

You and your family know you want to welcome an animal into your life and are excited about the prospect of having a new friend. However, with there being so many choices out there, how do you know which pet will be the best choice for you? Do you opt for a cat so you seldom have to go out in the rain for walks? Do you choose a puppy for a classic loyal companion? Or what about something a little more out of the box? A snake? A parrot?

If you love animals, it only makes sense that you would have a difficult time picking the ‘right’ one. And the truth is, there are pros and cons to all species when bringing them into the home and making them a part of your life.

So, with that in mind, this piece is going to take a look at which animals can make the best family pets and why.


Starting off with the humble family favorite, fish are beautiful to look at and are pretty low maintenance, especially if you choose a cold-water variety. They only require a few things to stay happy and healthy, such as clean, treated water, food, and some tank enrichment. It will always be a good idea to get a tank that is as big as you can manage (and depending on species) to give them plenty of room to swim around in, but aside from that, you aren’t really limited with space. You won’t need a babysitter for them (unless you are going away for longer than the holiday food lasts!), and they can be fun and interactive without posing the risk of biting, escaping, or bringing in various animals from the garden in the middle of the night.


Rats are wonderful little creatures that are often misunderstood. Loving and intelligent in nature, they make a great first addition to the home, especially if you have children. They don’t often bite (unlike hamsters), can be trained, and make wonderful cuddle companions. They do need plenty of space and enrichment and need to be interacted with every day, but you can leave them alone for long periods of time. You must always have them in pairs or more as they are social animals, and they can make a great, lower-commitment alternative to dogs. Make sure to find a clinic that will treat rodents, such as Puyallup vets, as they need semi-regular checkups to keep them in good health.


It would be a crime not to include the world’s most loved pet – the dog. They do need lots of attention and exercise, are high maintenance, and can be expensive, but these factors vary among different dog breeds. There are good reasons why Labradors are portrayed as the ideal family dog, as they are known for being loyal, even-tempered, and friendly. That being said, you might find a smaller dog is more manageable if it is your first time being a dog owner.

By the way, a crucial aspect of caring for your furry friend involves understanding their health needs. If you ever find yourself wondering, “Can my dog take ibuprofen?” it’s essential to consult with a veterinarian to ensure their well-being.

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