The First Online Slot, What Is It?

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Gambling appeared in the world a long time ago. Detailed information about the history of its emergence can be found at It is not definitively known exactly when the first land-based gambling house was opened. One thing is certain – online casinos became available to people only because of the popularity of land-based establishments.

The first games produced by software developers were somewhat different from those we have now. They had fewer bonus features and interesting offers. However, even to this day, they remain relevant to many gamblers. Classic slots do not overload the user with complicated rules and allow you to relax and unwind when spinning reels.

Chronology of the Appearance of Online Casinos

The history of the emergence of online casinos dates back to 1994. It was then that Microgaming created a special platform on which slot machines could be installed. At the same time, the countries of Antigua and Barbuda signed an agreement called the Free Trade and Information Processing Act. It spelled out the mechanism for issuing licenses to members of the gaming industry.

Since that time, online gambling began to develop rapidly. In the table below you can see the main landmarks in the history of the emergence of online casinos.

1995  The first online casino called “Gaming Club” opens.
1996  Several gambling establishments already operate online, and in the province of Kahnawake, which is located in Canada, a commission appears that issues licenses for digital casinos.
1998  The first slot with a progressive jackpot feature appears.
2001  A new stage in the development of the industry, more and more platforms are opened and the service area is developed: multiplayer games, original bonuses, etc.
2007  Developers release the first live games, thanks to which gamblers can play online against live dealers.
2015  Mobile casinos become popular. Companies release special applications, thanks to which it is possible to play your favorite slots directly from your smartphone.
2019  The coronavirus pandemic begins, due to which many people end up isolated and turn to online gambling. As a result, this brings online casinos to the peak of their popularity.

Today, online establishments are still popular. Their services are used by millions of people as it is the kind of hobby that enables players not just to spend their free time pleasantly but also to earn impressive amounts of money.

First Online Slots: Features

The first online slots appeared in the same year when the Gaming Club casino was opened. Unfortunately, however, we do not know exactly which game was released first. One thing is certain – it was a slot by Microgaming. 

The first slot machines that this developer released included:

  • Golden Dragon;
  • Pirates Paradise;
  • Martian Money;
  • Pharaoh’s Fortune;
  • Trick or Treat;
  • Cash Splash.

The world saw the above entertainment in 1998. As you know, demand creates supply. That is why the following year the company released four times more games. Until now, they retain their popularity and enjoy the demand from fans of classic slots. 

You can try your hand at the first released slots in various casinos. Before you choose a particular establishment, it is recommended to study it carefully, so as not to become a victim of fraudsters.

Reviews, such as 7bitcasino review, are perfect for this purpose because the user can see the basic information about the platform. The gambler will be able to find out the range of games, whether the establishment provides the possibility to play online slots machines free, what are the ways of deposit and withdrawal, and other.

Cash Splash: Review of the First Slot with Progressive Jackpot

Microgaming is the legendary company that was the first in the world to release a slot with a progressive jackpot (read more about it here: It was a slot machine with five reels, three rows, and 15 winning lines. The game had the option of automatic spins, as well as two special symbols – a wild and a scatter Particular emphasis should be placed on the theme that the machine was inspired by – one-armed bandit, money, and classics.

Cash Splash slot was not created with the aim to become the most original and interesting slot machine. It wins the love and trust of users with its classic stylish look, easy rules, and, of course, the possibility to hit a big win. You should understand that it is not suitable for those who like to play new slots online free.

Since this is an old-style slot machine, it has simple and standard symbols such as fruit, numbers, and letters. The gameplay is as simple as possible. To place a bet, just click on the spin button on the reel and see what will appear as a prize. It should be noted that this machine, like other slots with progressive jackpots, has a low RTP value of 91.47%. Microgaming did not provide information about its volatility.

Before you start playing it for real money, it is recommended to test your skills in the free version of the slot. Bets in it are placed with the in-game currency, and funds from personal accounts are not deducted. Thanks to this, players can get acquainted with all the rules of the machine, learn about the work of its bonus features, develop a betting strategy, etc.


Online games gained popularity back in the 1990s. Since then, they have only evolved, improving both their appearance and bonus offers. The first online slot that became a real benchmark for the promotion of gambling is believed to be Cash Splash. It was the slot that gave customers the opportunity to win large sums of money.

The initiative with progressive jackpots was adopted by other companies. Now you can play slot gambling online that features large winnings in almost every online establishment. For this purpose, you only need to register with the company and make your first deposit.

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