Why Should You Use Wooden Flower Arrangements on Special Events

use wooden flower arrangements on special events

Are you recently engaged and planning a wedding? If so, you have a lot to plan on and many choices to make. Planning every element of your special day may be difficult, particularly if you need experience organizing events. Add financial stress and budgeting to those problems, and you will have a bridal breakdown. If you want to alleviate stress, purchase wooden flower arrangements for your special event and stay confident that your flowers will not wear off and that you will have a wonderful time.

Therefore, this post will give you more insight into one of your most significant wedding preparation decisions: flowers. Discover the differences between fresh and wooden wedding flowers. Best of all, these tips will save you money and give your wedding the romantic flower look you have always wanted.

The Difference between Fresh Flowers and Wooden Flower Arrangements

It is not hard to see why fresh flowers are so appealing. They will complement the stunning gown you just purchased for your wedding wonderfully and provide a touch of soft, delicate adornment. Beautiful arrangements of fresh flowers are possible to fit various decors. You may add a seasonal touch to your wedding with seasonal flowers like winter berries, spring flowers, summer flowers, and autumn flowers.

Fresh flower substitutes have become more prevalent in recent years. Since they are sustainable, eco-friendly, adaptable, and inexpensive, wood flowers are often considered a viable alternative. Using wood flowers instead of real ones might save the cost of your wooden flower arrangements by several hundred dollars.

Imagine the savings you could make on your other plans if you did this! Wood flowers are versatile and may be molded and colored to fit any artistic need. As a result, they may be an excellent choice if you are on the hunt for a specific hue or style of bloom.

For women looking for wedding flowers, flowers made out of wood are a beautiful and reasonably priced solution. They will last a lifetime and have timeless beauty and practicality since they are crafted from tapioca root that has been painstakingly dried and shaped. Are you ready to feel like a princess at the event you have organized?

Give Your Wedding Cake a Personal Touch

Fresh-flower wedding cakes are lovely. If your wedding cake has fresh flowers, they may wilt by the end of your event. This is because their water supply and misting will not be as regular as yours. At night, when you cut the cake, your flowers may not be fresh since they were exhibited outside in heat and humidity.

You may fix this by adorning your wedding cake with flowers made from wood. They will not pollen your cake and will look gorgeous all night. Also, you should add flower fillers or foliage for a classy cake.

Moreover, you should keep the reception tables in mind while decorating! A stunning flower centerpiece may enhance the table design. Do not try too hard if you are on a budget just because you want to show your guests that you have luxurious tastes. Elegant tables may be created with a simple layout, and your guest will be more impressed with a simple reception design.

If you need beautiful wood flowers, you can browse all the options on Luvsolaflowers and choose what you like. After all, this is all about your special day, so you need to make something you will remember forever.

Choose the Best Decorations for Your Venue

If you are planning an event while being on a budget, you can save most of your money by ordering wooden flower arrangements, and you will not have to scrimp on the décor for the wedding. You can have the stunning flower arch you have always imagined. Miniature flower arrangements made of wood may line the aisle, and more giant bouquets can be tied with silk or burlap to the backs of ceremony chairs.

Make sure the guests are greeted with beautiful flower displays as they enter the wedding location. Wooden flowers might be placed around the table plan and the bar area, for instance. The result will be an atmosphere that is uniformly fantastical throughout.

Wood flowers are lovely wedding decorations, and unlike real flowers, they will not have died by the time the reception is done. Instead, you will have wood blossoms that persist for a long time. When the festivities are over, you can give your guests one of the wood flower ornaments as a keepsake.

Make Special Boutonnieres

Remember the guys in your life when planning the flowers for the bridesmaids and the other special guests. Flowers made from wood may be used to make fashionable boutonnieres that any guy would be proud to wear. Your groom and his guys may feel comfortable wearing these boutonnieres since wood blossoms can be shaped and colored in natural, rustic-looking hues.

Why Choose Wood Arrangements?

Wooden flower arrangements have gained popularity as a replacement for actual flowers for several reasons:

  • They are always on hand whenever you need them;
  • They are dyeable, so you may color them to match your existing furnishings;
  • There is no need to worry about them withering and dying;
  • They are built to endure, so you may keep them for a long time and use them for several events or to decorate your house;
  • You may put them to other uses or even sell them;
  • Environmental friendliness;
  • They are scentable;
  • No one will ever guess that these are not the genuine thing;
  • Compared to real flowers, wooden ones are less expensive;

It is easy to keep wooden flower arrangements that look great for years in form, color, and texture. Simple care and upkeep instructions are all that are required. These blooms are versatile and easy to maintain, making them an excellent choice for any event or celebration.

No matter how much money you spend on your wedding arrangements, you will be happy to know you can still make what you want. Wood flowers, in other words, will always be in trend because their benefits are too great to ignore.

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