Drinks and Wedding Bar Terminology Explained

wedding bar terminology

Aside from the wedding event, one of the most important aspects you need to consider for your momentous day is the bar and beverage service. Well, everybody wants to have fun and socialize with everyone, which makes alcoholic beverages the key for most guests to keep their shyness at bay when speaking with everyone.

The only problem is that not many wedding couples know different alcoholic beverage and wedding bar terminologies. Have you been to an event? Have you seen a tiny kiosk on the corner with many cocktails, beers, and beverages displayed? That’s what you call a wedding bar. 

In this guide, we are going to simplify the process of explaining the basic alcoholic beverage and wedding bar terminologies used during events, especially wedding occasions. Knowing these simple terminologies can create a memorable experience for you and your guests. 

Different Wedding Bar Terminologies

Want to have an idea about different types of wedding bars? Here’s what you need to know. 

Open Bar

Quite frankly, the open bar is by far one of the best places to be during an event. Why? It’s because all the booze and cocktails are located there! But that deeply varies depending on the couple’s budget. Still, if you want your guests to have some of the best times of their lives when attending a wedding, we’d highly recommend setting up an open bar. 

But the open bar can be much broader depending on the event’s location. For instance, when the wedding reception is at the hotel, an open bar can mean a lot of things because they already have a dedicated bar looking to serve tons of options available regarding alcoholic drinks.

On the other hand, if you’ve come to an outdoor wedding, there’s a big chance that the open bar is located in a white booth where bartenders offer a few cocktail drinks. The only problem with this type of open bar is it only has a limited pool of options, whereas a dedicated bar has lots of. 

Still, open bars are among the best ideas to include in a typical wedding setup. It is where some of the most fun starts for your guests. However, it can greatly impact the activity once your guests are drunk and intoxicated. So, be sure to be mindful of the dosages you tell your bartenders. Lastly, to avoid drunk driving and intoxication, you can always tell the bartender to set a limit so guests can adhere to it. 

Signature Cocktails

When you have an open bar or a dry bar, chances are, it will serve signature cocktails to amp up the night. In addition, some wedding setups include serving signature cocktail drinks to guests as part of the package.

In addition, others may opt for wine, beer, and cocktails only. It really goes down to how the couples want to make everyone’s night memorable. Also, it can be quite costly if you hire a mixer or a mixologist who mixes different kinds of drinks that will be turned into a cocktail. 

The only problem with a mixologist is they require a number of alcoholic beverages they will be mixing depending on the guest’s request. As a result, you might be spending hundreds or even thousands of bucks to serve different kinds of signature cocktails to your guests. 

Beer and Wine 

Beer and wine are the staples of wedding events. Why? Because they are cheap and are always available and the favorites of many. Wines and beers are also the perfect choice not only for nighttime weddings but it is a viable option for lunch and afternoon weddings as well. 

In addition to being cheap, offering beers and wines to guests can save a couple of thousands of dollars during the event. However, it really boils down to budget and personal preference. 

More often than not, beers and wines are the favored choice even by rich people because they have long been the staple of wedding events for years. Wines served during dinner can also make the event elegant and intimate, which is why you can witness wines most of the time during a wedding event more than any other alcoholic beverage. 

Dry Bar

Unlike open bars, dry bars serve non-alcoholic drinks at an event, especially at weddings. Dry bars are the choice for couples for many reasons. It can be for religious or cultural reasons, or the couple doesn’t drink at all.

Wrapping Up

Serving non-alcoholic drinks can greatly save money for the couple. But it often sucks out the fun, especially for guests looking for drinks that can help make their day even livelier. Still, guests can’t be helped to look for alcoholic drinks during the event. 

One solution is to tell them they can bring their alcoholic drinks to the party as long as they don’t overdo themselves. As much as possible, you would want to reduce drunk driving and intoxication during your memorable event. If you want to know more ideas about Wedding Bars, click here for guidelines.

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