What Wrist Does A Woman Wear A Watch? Details To Know

what wrist does a woman wear a watch

Watches are a functional piece of elegance. Worn by both men and women, they’re a classic accessory suited for almost all occasions. Wearing a watch is a no-brainer, right? You need it to be working and strapped, and you are all set to go.

Well, not exactly. Just like when you dress up, there are also certain silent etiquettes regarding wearing a watch. And one of these is what wrist does a woman wear a watch. Is there a rule for it? Let’s find out.

Is There A Specific Wrist For A Woman To Wear A Watch?


Social etiquette dictates that women should wear their watch on their left wrist. There is also a logical reason for this.

Most conventional timepieces made and used prior to the digital and automatic and quartz watches had to be wound.

Winding a watch is what kick-starts its power; back then, this needed to be done by hand. If you didn’t wind it, your watch would stop working.

Winding your watch required using your dominant hand. And because most women are dominantly right-handed, it made sense to strap the watch on your left wrist so your right hand could easily wind it when needed.

What Wrist Does A Woman Wear A Watch?


It is commonly known that a woman typically wears a watch on her left wrist. Some may even have to actually check where they have their watch on because it is almost an automatic habit to wear a watch on the left wrist.

However, there are also many women who prefer wearing their watch on their right wrists.



Over the years, the essential design of a watch has undergone minimal changes. The majority of watches still have the buttons, crowns, or dials set on the right. So, for ease of use and efficiency, you will need your right hand to make the adjustments. This is why women still instinctively wear their watches on their left wrist.

Women also opt to wear their watches on the left, or their non-dominant hand, as a precautionary measure. This a because a watch is more at risk of being scratched or damaged if it is worn on the right or dominant hand.

It is also easier to check the time if you’re wearing your watch on your left wrist while your right hand is engaged in other tasks. You don’t need to stop what you are doing just to check the time.

Is It Okay To Wear A Watch On The Other Hand?

Other Hand

Yes. There is no rigid rule about wearing your watch on your left wrist. Which wrist you wear your watch on just comes down to your choice and personal preference.

You should also know that although most of the human population is right-handed, there are many people who are left-handed and would prefer wearing their watch on their right wrist for better comfort and convenience. In that case, there are custom-made watches for left-handed people.

There is no right or wrong wrist to wear your watch on. So long as you are comfortable, you can choose to wear your watch on whichever wrist you like.

Other Rules For Wearing A Watch For Women


A watch is a perfect accessory to express your style and still be a functional piece of art. And wearing it appropriately can add points to your sense of style while also highlighting your timepiece.

Here are some more unspoken rules or tips for women when wearing a watch.

#1. Go For The Win With A Bracelet And Watch Combo

Pairing a bracelet with a watch can work as an elegant fashion statement. But make sure you do not pair a small watch with a chunky and overly exaggerated bracelet. Thin bracelets are classy and elegant. You should also make sure that the color of your watch and bracelet complement each other. Mixing gold and silver, for example, is a huge no-no.

#2. Your Watch Should Express Your Style

Like your OOTDs, your watch should also be an expression of your style and personality. Trends are great, but don’t follow them blindly. It’s better to opt for timeless classics that can give people a glimpse of your character.

#3. Your Watch Should Not Be Too Loose And Never Too Tight

Your watch should settle comfortably on your wrist. You don’t want to keep fumbling and adjusting it throughout the day or have marks left on your skin because the strap was too tight.

#4. Invest In Watches For Different Occasions

If possible, avoid wearing the same watch for every event or occasion. You can have a few different watches set aside for different occasions. Your sports watch shouldn’t be worn with an evening gown and a diamond-encrusted watch should not be worn for a morning jog.

#5. One Timepiece Is Enough

There is no need for you to have more than one watch on your body. Don’t wear any other kind of watches like a pendant watch or a second watch on your other wrist.

Do Women Follow This?

Given that these rules are not set in stone, most women may follow some of these rules but not all.

While there is a reason for wearing your watch on the left wrist, it still boils down to personal preference. As long as you are comfortable with wherever your watch is, that’s good enough.

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