Why Fortune Coins Is Taking Over the US

why fortune coins is taking over the US

Online casinos may be proliferating rapidly through the US, but one name manages to stand out from the crowd: Fortune Coins. At first glance, Fortune Coins looks like any other online casino website you could go to to get your slots craving satisfied. But you know how the saying about books and covers goes – Fortune Coins has a lot more to offer than what the homepage shows.

To truly understand what makes Fortune Coins unique, we must look deeper into how it works and why it’s so popular.

An Overview of Fortune Coins

No Fortune Coins review is complete without a quick overview of the website.

Launched in 2022, Fortune Coins is a social sweepstake casino that serves players in the United States and Canada. Because of its nature as a sweepstake casino, players aren’t required to make any minimum cash deposits to play, making Fortune Coins a very attractive option for players who seek the thrill of chance games but without the financial obligation.

And because it’s technically free-to-play and no money is lost on a wager; it’s not considered a casino. As such, Fortune Coins can reach customers in more states and provinces than an online casino.

What Makes Fortune Coins Different From Online Casinos?

Fortune Coins’ main selling point is that they’re not an online casino but a “sweepstake casino that provides free casino-style entertainment.”

In a traditional online casino, you deposit with real money and use that to play the games they offer. And because real money is involved, you try your best to win so you can walk away with more than you initially started with.

But with Fortune Coins, there’s no real money deposit involved. Instead, you play with something called “Gold Coins,” which can be acquired for free in several ways as a sign-up bonus, daily log-in bonus, and referral bonus, to name just a few. The bonuses are also generous, so you won’t run out of coins to play with shortly after signing up.

Of course, you can always use real money to top up your Gold Coins balance, but this is optional. This is also one of the ways you can get the eponymous Fortune Coins, which you can use to enter various sweepstakes throughout the site and hopefully win the prize.

Fortune Coins can also be exchanged for real money once a player accumulates enough. 100 Fortune Coins is equivalent to $1 (the payout is based on your home currency: US Dollar or Canadian Dollar), and the minimum you can withdraw is $50. New players receive some Fortune Coins for free, so spending the coins wisely and growing them into a sizable pot is up to them.

What Sets Fortune Coins Apart From Other Social Sweepstake Casinos?

Fortune Coins aren’t the only sweepstake casino in North America, so how are they capturing over 2.5 million players and counting?

The answer lies in the generous sign-up bonus they give new players and the lack of a minimum deposit or purchase to maintain the account. This kind of generosity encourages nearly everyone to try it out; they have nothing to lose when they haven’t spent a single penny. The player’s desire to win more to top up their Gold Coin balance will have them reaching for their wallets.

But a genuinely savvy player with patience can eventually amass enough Fortune Coins to get a decent payout. All Fortune Coins must be spent in a sweepstake before you can redeem them, so you can’t just buy your way to a payout. This makes for a level playing field where everyone has a shot at winning a sweepstake.

How has Fortune Coins Improved Since its Launch?

One of the main concerns about Fortune Coins, especially during its early days, was the small selection of games. Initially, only about 50 games were available, all developed by Fortune Coins’ in-house development team. And although players praised the graphics for each game, the selection still felt quite limited to some.

Thankfully, Fortune Coins partnered with several developers to expand their games library. Companies such as Pragmatic Play and Fantasma Games have enjoyed partnerships with Fortune Coins, where the latter features the former’s games for audience exposure. In return, Fortune Coins expands its library, making it a more inviting place for new users to join.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a mobile app for Fortune Coins at the moment, which is hopefully something they can rectify.

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