7 Amazing Wooden Kitchen Tools and Decors You Can Make by Yourself

wooden kitchen tools and decors

Carving wood for producing cooking utensils was the way to make cooking tools before all the fancy metals came along. Alongside, wooden decors are slowly gaining more and more popularity, as it gives the room an antique and aesthetic value.

So if you are thinking about creating some magnificent wooden tools and some eye-catching decors, then you are not alone. Here in this article, we will tell you about some kitchen tools and decoration styles that you can do with wood very easily. But before that, we need to know what type of wood we can use for our project.

The Best Type of Wood

One of the best types of woods used for wooden utensils is hardwood made from Oak, Sapele, Teak, and Meranti trees. Hardwood is better than softwood in terms of durability, and it also has a tighter grain. Hardwood utensils also last much longer.

Amazing Wooden Décor, Cabinet, and Tool Ideas

Before you start with your project, you need to have a clear idea about what you are doing. Otherwise, the wood will all go to waste and your décor or tool will serve no purpose. With that being said, let us take a look at some amazing kitchen utensils ideas for your kitchen.

1. Hardwood Spoons

Spoons are used on a regular basis for cooking and eating. So, you need to use good quality wood; otherwise, cracks might appear after a while.

Making spoons with hardwood is fairly easy since it does not require any complex methods or tools. You can get a piece of wood and first cut it at the desired length.

You can use a saw to cut the wood. However, it’s quite common to not have a power saw in your toolbox. In that case, when cutting wood without a saw, you can use other tools such as a hatchet, or a sharp knife. Be sure that you are precise with your strikes; Or, the spoon will become rough and uneven on the edges.

2. Salt Cellar

To store salt or any small powder-like ingredients such as spices, you need to have small cellars. And they are fairly easy to make with wood, albeit you need to have the right tools for it.

First, you need to cut a round flat piece of wood that would work as the base. Then for a simple square-shaped cellar, you can cut four other flat pieces of wood and join them in a square shape.

Then put the square on top of the base. Use glue to attach them tightly, otherwise, your ingredients might fall off. And now you have a simple, vintage-looking salt cellar. You can make compartments inside the cellar with small pieces of wood, too, to keep multiple ingredients together.

3. Dough Bowl

In the 19th and 20th centuries, many bakers would use dough bowls made from wood to prepare dough for their delicious bakery products. You can do so too in a few very simple steps.

First of all, you will be needing a large round or oval-shaped wood piece that will act as the main bowl itself. Make sure you even out the surface of the bowl with a sander.

Then, you need to make three small cylinder-shaped wood pieces that will act as stands. Attach these small cylinders to the flat bowl and you have a beautiful wooden dough bowl.

4. Chopping Board

You can easily make the board by cutting a large flat piece of wood. Consider making a hole at one of the edges that will act as the handle. Then you need to keep on sanding the wood piece to make sure that the surface is even.

But wood is porous and will absorb water from anything that you cut on top of it. To avoid this issue, you need to give it a proper finishing with food-grade natural oil. Pour oil over the board and spread it across. Let the board absorb the oil and then wipe off any left-out oil from the surface.

The oil will prevent water from seeping into the board, and now you have a perfect homemade wooden chopping board.

5. Wooden Cabinets

Let us now take a look at some amazing decors and start off with wooden cabinets, they must have storage systems for every kitchen. Making these are not as simple as making simple and small kitchen tools, so you need to have good equipment.

You need to cut out multiple boxes of wood and attach them to either the wall of the kitchen or on top of the ceiling. Once done, you are going to cut out some extra wood pieces that will act as doors and attach them to the wooden boxes with a door hinge.

And now, you have a simple yet elegant wooden cabinet. The more skilled you are at woodcraft, the better your design will be.

6. Wooden Rack

You obviously have a lot of plates, pans, dishes, and glasses in your kitchen. You cannot put them here and there as it will clog up the space and make the kitchen look messy. So, make a wooden rack that will hold all these in one place while making your kitchen look amazing.

You can get very creative while making these wooden racks. You can make one in the shape of a large cabinet, or you can make smaller square-shaped racks that you can attach to the wall. It also depends on what type of items you will be storing. So get creative and think of some unique designs.

7. Wooden Chairs

Making wooden chairs that go well with the overall theme and aesthetics of the kitchen will really increase the overall beauty of the kitchen and make it more pleasing to look at. The best thing is that you can find different colored woods in any hardwood store that will match your kitchen.

Even if you do not, you can never go wrong with the original color of wood, as it goes well with almost anything. With the help of some nails, glue, and a saw, you can make beautiful-looking chairs.

Final Thoughts

Making wooden décor and tools takes a lot of time and effort. The more you make and practice, the better you will get at. Soon you will discover that you are able to make some wonderful-looking woodwork.

We hope that this article has given you some ideas on where you can work and improve your wood crafting skills. Start now and do wonders for your kitchen.

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