Supercharge Your Workout With EMS Training

workout with ems training

Looking for a workout program that will help you achieve a sculpted body without having to spend hours in the gym every day? EMS training may be the right fit for you. Standing for Electro Muscle Stimulation, EMS training is a powerful way to strengthen and tone your muscles faster than ever. What is EMS training? How does it work? How to get the most out of it? Find answers to these questions in our brief guide to EMS training.

How Does EMS Training Work?

As we have already explained above, EMS is short for Electro Muscle Stimulation. During EMS training, you wear a wearable device (usually a belt) with microscopic electrodes. The electrodes send low-frequency electric impulses that contract your muscles and increase training efficiency. Unlike regular workout programs that only stimulate major muscle groups in your body, EMS activates both your slow-twitch and fast-twitch muscles.

This workout type is an excellent way to supercharge your physical performance and tone your muscles in as little as 20 minutes of daily exercise. Once you start exercising and moving through different workouts, you will feel tiny spasms that are not painful at all. That is because the electric current causes muscle contractions that enhance training intensity and boost your muscle strength.

What Are The Benefits Of EMS Training?

One of the greatest benefits of EMS training is that it reduces time spent in the gym. This innovative fitness solution focuses on increasing training efficiency, meaning you will need to work out for as little as 20 minutes daily to achieve your desired results. Even when doing the same exercises, you are likely to feel the effects much faster during/after EMS.

EMS is also a great way to shape up and lose weight. It activates a greater number of muscles in your body and targets them intensively. That increases the efficiency of workouts and helps you achieve your fitness results faster. In addition to losing weight and toning muscles, EMS also helps you reduce cellulite.

Finally, EMS training is a great way to give your metabolism a boost by increasing your muscle mass. EMS workouts focus on different muscle groups, such as your arms, chest, upper back, lower back, abs, and legs.

Is EMS Training Effective?

Many research studies have proven that EMS training is highly effective, irrespective of your physical preparedness, age, or weight. In one study, scientists tested the effects of EMS on trained and elite athletes. They found that EMS enhanced their results in several fields, such as maximal strength, speed strength, power, jumping, and sprinting abilities.

According to researchers behind this study, EMS is a promising and effective alternative to traditional training methods.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your EMS Training?

Even though EMS training is briefer than conventional gym sessions, it consumes lots of energy. Precisely because of that, you should improve your everyday habits to increase the results of EMS. For starters, get enough sleep before your EMS training. Only that way can you ensure your body is recharged and ready for such intensive workouts.

Second, remember that EMS burns your energy faster. That is why you should plan your meals strategically. A balanced, carb-rich diet is critical to muscle-building. Bananas, egg whites, oats, whole grain toast, and chicken breast are just some of the foods you may want to consume before EMS. Have a meal 30 minutes before your EMS training to keep your body energized.

Third, drink a lot of water (at least ½ liter) approximately 30 minutes before your session. Remember that high-intensity exercises like EMS make you sweat a lot. Water helps you stay hydrated and ensures your muscles recover faster.

What To Expect After The EMS Training Session?

EMS training is super-effective and activates a bunch of different muscle groups in your body. Therefore, you are likely to experience muscle soreness after it. To reduce muscle fatigue, always stretch right after the EMS session. That way, you will enhance blood circulation and help your muscles heal faster.

This is also a great way to reduce muscle aches. Finally, drink plenty of water and take time to recharge your batteries. Proper recovery is essential for reaching your fitness results. After all, your body deserves it.

Wrapping Up

EMS training is an efficient alternative to conventional fitness programs. At least, try supplementing your existing gym workouts with it. This type of training is about working out smarter and more efficiently.

Its major benefit lies in the fact that it targets both minor and major muscle groups in your body, helping you achieve the desired results faster. It helps you shape up, achieve those carved muscles you have always dreamed of, and enhance your overall physical performance. Sure, to get the most out of your EMS training, you need to enhance your daily habits, as explained above.

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